• You will always be welcomed by highly professional staff
  • Your doctor will be taking care of you properly and for a long time (up to 60 minutes)
  • We understand you – an excellent knowledge of English is taken for granted
  • A doctor or a nurse will come see you at home, at work or at the hotel with a 20% discount
  • We make sure that doctors are connected and share information
  • We assist you during your stay with a 20% discount
  • You will be treated preferentially before patients who have not made an appointment
  • We keep your medical records electronically
  • We will make an appointment for specific time and hour
  • We will arrange a telephone and email consultation with your doctor during our business hours
  • We will also arrange a telephone and email consultation with your doctor outside our business hours
  • We will provide you with a 50% discount on examinations and performances outside ATODA Medical also (e.g. dentistry, dental hygiene, ENT, pneumology, eye surgery, colonoscopy, gastroscopy)
  • We regularly and automatically confirm your appointment by SMS and e-mail
  • A pleasant environment with small refreshments is waiting for you
  • You can park right in front of the building
  • We will arrange that you receive prescriptions etc. by post
  • We offer the possibility of ordering medication, food supplements, medical cosmetics

The following is also included in the price:

  • Vaccination against influenza including vaccines
  • 50% discount on imaging techniques RTG, MRI, CT, UZ
  • 50% discount on other specialized examinations and procedures
  • 50% discount on surgical and proctological procedures
  • 50% discount on dermatological procedures
  • and more...

Price: 12 100 CZK per year

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Book an appointment
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