ATODA Medical
U Průhonu 13
17000 Praha 7
Czech Republic

Reception: +420 277 003 100


24-hours telephone service (outside of working hours)

Working hours: Monday: 7:00 am – 7 pm, tuesday - friday 7:30 am – 7 pm.

Contact for your ideas and comments: Romana Hašová – director of ATODA Medical : e-mail:

How to reach us by car:

If you choose to drive along Bubenečské nábřeží via Komunardů street, you will pass the La Fabrika restaurant and theatre. Then, you will drive along the platform of tram Nr. 1, 6, 12, then turn right, passing the Neopharm pharmacy on your right. After about 50 meters, turn left into an area of a former distillery – now they are marked as “Areál A7 office Center”. Stop by the latch, take your parking ticket and park left, directly in front of the A Building or whenever free to park. Parking fee is 30 CZK/hour.

How to reach us by public transport:

There is a tram stand about 20 meters from the main entrance (now marked as “Areál A7 Office Center”). You can take a tram:

1 :  Palmovka –Libeňský most-Maniny-U Průhonu- as far as Strossmayerovo námand Petřiny,

6 : Palmovka –Libeňský most-Maniny-U Průhonu- as far as Strossmayerovo nám., Náměstí republiky, Václavské nám., I.P.Pavlova- Kubánské nám.

12 : Sídl. Barrandov – Smíchovské nádraží- Anděl- Malostranské nám., Letenské nám., Dělnická – U Průhonu- and further to Ortenovo nám. and Výstaviště Holešovice

Two blocks from U Průhonu street, in Dělnická street, there is another tram stop called „Maniny“.  Go through the street, take the second street left, then enter the area along the latch gate – you will pass the A building on your left. Trams that go to Maniny stop:

1, 6 :  see above

14 : nám Bratří Synků – Karlovo nám. - Masarykovo nádraží- Maniny- and further to Palmovka, it terminates at Nádraží Vysočany

25 : Bílá Hora – Vozovna Střešovice- Vltavská – Maniny and further to Palmovka – Kbelská- Lehovec


The seat of our company and invoice details:
ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.
Adresa: Lidická tř.2331/6A, 37001 České Budějovice
IČ: 48115916
DIČ: CZ48115916
Bank details: ČSOB 243788760/0300


Thank you for choosing our services.  After you fill our form, we will contact you within 24 hours. In urgent cases, please call us.

Order to the doctor

Order to the doctor
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