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Corporate care that meets even the highest demands

Lucrative salaries are often not the only thing that can keep your key employees in senior positions. Valuable benefits and the feeling that they are valued by their employer are just as important. Younger managers in particular are more likely to change jobs than their predecessors.

If you're looking for a benefit for your key employees and you know you want to offer them something first-class, you'll be interested in corporate care at ATODA Medical. We're ready to meet even the highest demands of key employees and their entire families.

The patient always
comes first
We will arrange
all care
All comprehensively
under one roof
You put yourself in
the hands of professionals
Very soothing rooms
in an Art Nouveau villa
We care for
whole families
We'll keep an eye on
all preventive check-ups
We've been here for everyone
since they were born

Appreciate the top approach, accuracy and time saving we can provide

We know what people in top positions appreciate: superior access, precision, speed, zero waiting and time savings. As part of our exceptional corporate care benefit, clients get all of the above, and the whole family can benefit too.

Do you want a family-friendly benefit for your selected key employees? Do you want to let your employees know that you care about them and will take care of them? You don't want them to waste their precious time at the doctor's and spend it on work instead? You don't want your important employees sitting in the waiting room and getting infected by other patients? Our corporate care department within ATODA Medical is at your service and can fulfil all of the above.

Don't lose your employees at the most important moment

We focus on prevention itself, so that your employees are healthy and don't fall ill at the most important moment. Our premium healthcare programmes at ATODA Medical are strongly focused on preventive care.


Take care of your key employees so that they don't wait at the doctors, don't get sick and go to preventive care check-ups

If your employees fall ill, they will be taken extra care of. They can enjoy

  • quick ordering,
  • above-standard examination,
  • easy accessibility,
  • secured parking.

All our staff speak English

Managers in senior positions are often expats from abroad where they are used to quality healthcare. In our private clinic ATODA Medical we therefore provide them with exceptional service. Our entire medical staff speaks at least English, some of them also speak French, German, Spanish and even Polish.

At ATODA Medical, we are able to negotiate reimbursements for healthcare with international insurance companies. For example, we have experience with insurers such as BUPA, Cigna and Allianz. ATODA Medical's premium healthcare programmes have been very successful with the top management of many companies, whether they are directors, board members or supervisory board members.


Are you looking for a partner for initial check-ups?

Of course, we also offer occupational health services which are required by law and which must be carried out to the required extent. At ATODA Medical we provide care according to the current legislation, according to Act No. 373/2011 Coll. Contact us.

Do you have a question? Or do you want to make an appointment? Contact us!
What our patients appreciate the most
Jaroslav Rejmont

I am completely satisfied with the clinic. Nice, clean environment, good organization and most importantly, what the previous three doctors could not solve, the doctor solved it on my first visit. I appreciate the professionalism of the doctor--Urology.
Thank you.... a thousand thanks !!!!

Silvia Žiaková

We have a family membership in Atoda. We have the most experience with pediatrics, specifically Dr. Draxlová. We are very satisfied with the attitude, expertise and empathy of the doctor and nurse. Thank you

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