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We understand foreigners and you can expect top-quality care from us

Whether you're an expat from abroad or a one-time visitor to the Czech Republic, we'll be happy to help you and provide high quality healthcare. All of our medical staff speak at least English, some of them also speak French, German, Spanish and even Polish. If you don't speak Czech or if you speak only broken Czech, you don't have to worry that our doctors won't understand you and won't understand your problem in detail. If you would still like to come to our office with a translator, we won't stop you from doing that either.

If a foreigner needs prescription medication and provides a report from their doctor in English, our doctors will prescribe it. Alternatively, the foreigner can be examined by us and we will also prescribe the medication needed.

The patient always
comes first
We will arrange
all care
All comprehensively
under one roof
You put yourself in
the hands of professionals
Very soothing rooms
in an Art Nouveau villa
We care for
whole families
We'll keep an eye on
all preventive check-ups
We've been here for everyone
since they were born

We can make arrangements with your foreign insurance company

As ATODA Medical cooperates with international insurance companies, you can use our Direct Billing service for the insurants of multinational insurance companies. We have a Direct Billing Agreement or a Billing Agreement based on a pre-authorisation or payment guarantee with the following insurance and assistance companies.

  • BUPA Global
  • Cigna Global Health Benefits
  • Allianz
  • Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ)
  • Autovision GmbH
  • Aetna
  • INTER Versicherungsgruppe
  • AXA Assistance

How do I proceed with Direct Billing?

In order to use the Direct Billing service, a copy of the policyholder's card must be presented and the payment policy must be signed. In the event that the multinational insurance company fails to pay all or part of the invoiced amounts, it is the client's responsibility to pay the outstanding amounts individually.

Is anything not clear? We will be happy to explain everything to you and answer all possible questions you may have at our reception desk.

Precision, superior access and the opportunity to participate in annual care programmes

At ATODA Medical, we pride ourselves on our superior approach, precision and speed. Children and adults on holiday, visiting relatives or people living in the Czech Republic for a long time will receive exceptional service from us. We also offer the possibility of registering and purchasing our membership programmes for foreign clients who are employed in the Czech Republic and are therefore insured by one of our Czech health insurance companies.

In case of interest, the whole family can take advantage of comprehensive medical care under one roof and we offer the possibility of paying for individual procedures according to the price list for self-payers – for single and repeated visits.

Are you looking for a partner for initial check-ups?

Of course, we also offer occupational health services for expats, which are required by law and need to be implemented to the extent required. At ATODA Medical we provide care based on the current legislation, according to Act No. 373/2011 Coll. Contact us.


Do you have a question? Or do you want to make an appointment? Contact us!
What our patients appreciate the most
Zdeněk Dvořák

The attitude of the staff, the organization of the patients, the general quality of the care provided.

Lucie Knezourkova

Atoda appealed to me from the very beginning of my internet search, everything is clear and simple. The client comes first and the negotiation is excellent. Communication with everyone from the reception to the doctors is with such a pleasantly human atmosphere with a highly professional approach. I paid my membership right away and was delighted. The appointment was always for the exact hour, you can still have a fresh coffee in the lounge. Lucie.


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