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Child Psychology (Prague)

A private child clinical psychologist at ATODA Medical (Prague) works with children and adolescents who are struggling with family psychological issues, for example. These can be emotional and relational issues, often related to parenting style, family disharmony, hidden or open conflict, or economic background. A psychologist for children and adolescents can address the following:

  • The new baby in the family on whom all the attention is focused.
  • Problems related to adoption.
  • Problems at school, such as bullying.
  • Domestic violence and abuse inside or outside home.

Child psychologist (Prague) is also widely engaged in:

  • Closed-mindedness and lack of communication in children.
  • Attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder.
  • Anxiety, depression, phobias.

Sometimes regular psychotherapy will help, sometimes so-called play therapy.

Child Psychology (Prague) - intro
Child Psychology (Prague) - intro

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You always book for the exact time. Our child psychologists will see you without you having to wait and with a smile!


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Child Clinical Psychology (Prague) full of experts

At ATODA Medical, we always strive to provide the best care, especially for the youngest patients, but also for adolescents. Our private clinic offers comprehensive medical care under one roof, including paediatric physiotherapy, psychiatry and psychology for children.

There are many benefits to cooperation between departments. The cooperation between the specialists of the departments helps us to treat patients of any age and at the same time to transfer them to proper follow-up care.


Our child psychologist (Prague) who will win your trust

Child psychology (Prague) ATODA Medical employs excellent specialists and capacities in their field who work for us to provide you and your children with the best possible care.

We know that your children are the most important thing to you and you want to always give them the best. We believe we will quickly earn your trust. With us, you don't have to worry about long waiting times. We will provide you with the best service. Make an appointment with us for a specific date and don't waste your time waiting somewhere else.


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When a psychologist is the only solution for children

There is nothing wrong with a clinical child psychologist being the only solution in some cases. Autism spectrum disorders, psychotic disorders as well as educational problems or a child's aggression cannot be addressed without consulting a specialist.

If you are worried about your child's poor grades, their interaction with the environment, or if you do not know how to deal with your child, do not hesitate to make an appointment at ATODA Medical. During the first few visits we will discuss what is bothering you and then work to help and support both your child and yourself.

Put yourself in the hands of our child psychologists

Mgr. Matějková Monika - Fotka
Mgr. Matějková Monika
Child psychology
Czech English

I am a psychologist with a psychotherapeutic education. I am mainly engaged in counseling, psychotherapy and diagnostics for children and I also work with the family, as a system, i.e. counseling for parents, the family, or during complex situations in the family (divorce, illness, death ...). I believe that the family is a system and as such, must be worked with as such. At the same time, I believe that education about a specific mental illness is also very important, which is why I also offer these consultations, especially for parents.

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What our patients appreciate the most
Ana Fate

Great clinic, very helpful friendly receptionists! We visited the dermatologist and she was just perfect, you feel so much more at ease when you are in the hands of a professional. No waiting, right on schedule and even the coffee is great :)

Peter Janec

I've already used services of more specialists in Atoda Medical and every time I was satisfied with high quality service and very pleasant approach. All the same I can say about the nurses and receptionists who were always willing and quick to respond to any of my requests.

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