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Private Eye Clinic (Prague 7 Holešovice)

Our eye clinic (Prague Holešovice) will provide you with comprehensive and first-class care, whether it is prevention of your vision, eye problems, surgical procedures or optics. We strive to improve the quality of life of our patients by offering a wide range of services under the guidance of qualified ophthalmologists. In addition, we work with selected teaching hospitals in the event of serious complications.

What are the most common problems our ophthalmologist (Prague 7) deals with?

  • Diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of eye diseases.
  • Specialized care for pediatric patients from birth, taking into account individual diagnostic possibilities.
  • Use of modern technical equipment, including optical coherence tomography (OCT examination).
  • Vision measurement, ongoing spectacle checks and diopter correction including a range of optical services.

Our team of opticians are dedicated to providing individual care to each patient. Whether it's a routine eye exam, treating an acute problem or scheduling refractive surgery, you'll find the highest level of care with us.

Private Eye Clinic (Prague 7 Holešovice) - intro
Private Eye Clinic (Prague 7 Holešovice) - intro

Why are we one of the best eye clinics in Prague?


You always book for the exact time. Our best eye doctor will see you without waiting and with a smile.


Our eye clinic is perfectly accessible by public transport and you can always park near us.


We also offer top quality
pediatric eye care
from birth.

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We devote enough time to each patient

We allocate ample time for our pediatric and adult patients. Our goal is to not only examine the patient properly, but also to have enough time to consult and ask the patient questions, and if necessary, plan next steps. We want to ensure that your health needs are thoroughly and accurately diagnosed during the examination. Our physicians have the latest technologyand a level of expertise to provide patients with first-class care.

Not sure if your eyeglass correction or contact lens diopter value matches your current condition? We will measure your glasses and compare them to your most recent results. Working with our in-house optician, we can immediately begin to resolve any discrepancies.


Eye clinic Prague (eye centre) with top quality patient care

Why are we one of the best eye clinics in Prague and what services can you expect from our ophthalmology?

Our best eye clinic in Holešovice focuses primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases:

  • comprehensive ophthalmological examinations,
  • diagnosis and treatment of inflammation of the eyes and eyelids,
  • treatment of allergies related to vision.

Our ophthalmic optician was established primarily to provide you with comprehensive eye care. For the partially sighted, we offer spectacle frames, spectacle lenses and other aids in ladies, men's or children's designs.

However, our eye clinic (Prague) also emphasizes prevention and healthy eye care. That is why patients come to us for regular eye examinations and we also educate them about proper eye care and risk factors.


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You will be as comfortable as if you needed an eye procedure with us

The eye doctor at ATODA Medical also deals with eye surgery, in particular:

Inside our facility, we have an operating room designed for surgical procedures. Why should you choose our eye center (Prague) and our operating room for these procedures?

  • Our staff can cover you with a warm blanket during the procedure,
  • you will be able to listen to your favorite music,
  • you can also have a loved one present during the procedure.

Eye doctor (Prague): new patients are welcome

Our optician and ophthalmologist are also open to new patients. Whether you are interested in regular eye exams or advanced surgical procedures, our team of doctors is ready to provide you with the best care using state-of-the-art equipment. We strive to create a welcoming environment that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Would you like to register with us?

It's very simple. Just give us a call or fill out the online appointment form at and our friendly receptionists will be happy to help you schedule an appointment. To make your transition to our doctor as easy and worry-free as possible, we'll make it all happen.

While we don't operate in a traditional on-call mode, we are ready to help you in case of sudden problems.

Children's ophthalmology (Prague) with qualified specialists

Eye health is a key element of a child's overall development. Properly functioning eyesight is an essential prerequisite for success in school, social life and everyday functioning. Therefore, it is important that children are cared for by a team of qualified pediatric eye care professionals who can recognize and address any vision-related problems in children.

The Children's Eye Clinic (Prague ATODA Medical) focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems in children of all ages.

Our pediatric eye clinic (Prague) is made up of a team of experienced ophthalmologists with many years of experience in the field. The doctors are equipped not only with the latest equipment and technology, but also with empathy and understanding of children's needs.

Children's ophthalmologist (Prague), with whom you do not expect

Some of the most common problems that children encounter are squinting, refractive errors (e.g. myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism), amblyopia ("lazy eye") or various forms of infections or allergies.

From an early age, we also place emphasis on prevention and education. We inform parents about proper care, the importance of regular eye examinations and possible signals that could indicate vision problems in their child.

Our eye clinic (Prague 7) provides comprehensive care for your eyesight, whether it is for children or adults. You will never wait for a long time with us because you cannot come to us without an appointment. This is one of the reasons why we have time for top-notch individual care and diagnosis. Come to us at the appointed time and you will avoid unnecessary waiting.

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What our patients appreciate the most
Eva Mom Platts

Atoda medical is not a just any medical clinic, it is a home away from home,when you need care for your children. From the time you walk in,till you leave, you feel welcome, you feel cared for, you feel understood. The Reception is clean, spacious, all the female and male receptionists were well trained and had impaccable manners, you see 2 sofas, large table for patients, beautiful & calming art on the walls, Czech ,English,German books on the shelf, if you get thristy ,while waiting, refreshments are available to you immediatelly. Bathrooms are on the premises as well. Doctors rooms are well lit,clean, equipped with tools needed for your care. I have comunicated with Atoda medical vias phone and email,and they were always prompt to reply. I highly recomend Atoda medical to individuals and Families. My children saw MUDR. Podstolska,who was kind, never rushed, was knowlagable,easy to communicate with, spoke Czech and English ( I am Czech, married abroad).

Barbora Hrtáňová

Speed, care, great attitude !

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