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Medical care

Our aim at ATODA Medical is to provide specialized and comprehensive care, which also corresponds to the amount of individual focus of our medical care. As patients, you are sure to always get the care of a real expert in the field.

We offer you a comprehensive health check - Prague

We want to provide not only partial but complete care. Thanks to this, there is a comprehensive examination of the state of health in our clinic - Prague 7. Always under the supervision of physicians who are professionals in the field.

Health check - Prague

Do you need a comprehensive examination? Order at our clinic. A wide range of specializations is a guarantee that you will get the best possible care with respect to the diagnosis of various problems. The overall health check will surely fulfill your expectations.

Complete examination of the state of health - Prague

As a non-state medical facility, we provide a wide range of services. For the patients, children, but also their parents or grandparents. We also offer corporate care. Complete examination of the health condition at our clinic - Prague 7 we offer to you as well. Do not hesitate and order by phone, email or personally at the reception.

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What our patients appreciate the most
Eva Mom Platts

Atoda medical is not a just any medical clinic, it is a home away from home,when you need care for your children. From the time you walk in,till you leave, you feel welcome, you feel cared for, you feel understood. The Reception is clean, spacious, all the female and male receptionists were well trained and had impaccable manners, you see 2 sofas, large table for patients, beautiful & calming art on the walls, Czech ,English,German books on the shelf, if you get thristy ,while waiting, refreshments are available to you immediatelly. Bathrooms are on the premises as well. Doctors rooms are well lit,clean, equipped with tools needed for your care. I have comunicated with Atoda medical vias phone and email,and they were always prompt to reply. I highly recomend Atoda medical to individuals and Families. My children saw MUDR. Podstolska,who was kind, never rushed, was knowlagable,easy to communicate with, spoke Czech and English ( I am Czech, married abroad).

Stanislava Foltýnová

I couldn't have picked a nicer clinic. For me it's absolutely TOP. Such a nice and professional staff as in Atoda is hard to see. With my panic fear of needles, we found a way to overcome all the withdrawals during pregnancy ... gynecologist MUDr. Vlček is a pedant who does not underestimate anything! After my son was born, I signed him up for the atody as well. Regular check-ups at the exact time when I come and do not have to wait are not even remotely comparable to the meticulous approach of the pediatrician! The price/quality ratio is more than favorable! When I take into account that I have almost everything under one roof and I don't have to run halfway across Prague ... it's definitely worth it

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