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Aesthetic dermatology (Prague)

This is an area that has been in the spotlight of women in recent years, however that does not mean that men are not among our patients. Aesthetic dermatology at ATODA Medical offers cutting-edge care focused on a number of areas. Entrust yourself to the care of a true expert with years of experience in the field.

Aesthetic dermatology (Prague) - intro
Aesthetic dermatology (Prague) - intro

Why make an appointment with our aesthetic dermatology?


You always book for the exact time. Our professional aesthetic dermatologists will see you without you having to wait and with a smile!


Are you worried you'll have trouble getting through to us? Just drop by – ATODA Medical is perfectly accessible by public transport and you can always park here.


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from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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Top aesthetic dermatology Prague 7

We offer skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté and hands using a method called Mesotherapy. We are also prepared to smooth all types of wrinkles with Aliaxin fillers, combined with Dysport or Botox correction. In our acne clinic we offer comprehensive acne treatment, including correction of post-acne scars with Profhilo. In the care of young and mature skin, we offer regular treatments with the Microdermabrasion device.

Of course there is a suggestion of therapy for home skin care and the possibility of purchasing cosmetic-dermatological products. Make an appointment for a consultation where the doctor will propose a treatment plan and set a price for the procedure after a thorough analysis.


We would like to introduce you to our new and completely unique In Mode Fractora and Quanta System YouLaser MT instrumentation.

  • You are troubled by acne or acne scars.
  • You need to remove unpleasant skin growths.
  • You don't know how to deal with a post-operative scar.
  • Your skin suffers from rosacea or rosacea.
  • You are thinking about long-term skin rejuvenation and removing wrinkles on the face, neck or décolleté without the use of injectable fillers.
  • You ask about unwanted hair (on the face or legs or...anywhere).
  • You haven't heard about She Lase - female intimate rejuvenation and female incontinence removal.

...then we have a solution for you! Book a consultation with our dermatologist or go straight to therapy.


Wrinkle removal, rejuvenation - application of rejuvenating injections

They have been used for medicinal purposes for several decades. They were first used in 1984 to treat squint. Currently, they are also used in aesthetic dermatology for the prevention and elimination of mimic wrinkles or for the suppression of excessive sweating. The advantages are ease of application and affordability with excellent and long-lasting results:

  • It gets rid of the frown or troubled look on your face caused by wrinkles between the eyebrows and at the root of the nose.
  • It smooths out the wrinkles around your eyes, which, although they reveal your smiling nature, add a few extra years to your life.
  • Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, which cause an astonished facial expression, disappear.
  • With expert application, the facial expression remains completely natural.

We can also help you with excessive sweating in the palms of your hands, feet, underarms or forehead.


Lip augmentation and modelling, removal of nasolabial folds (wrinkles on the upper lip), and modelling of drooping mouth corners

If you are bothered by small wrinkles above the upper lip or directly on the lip blush, if you have small narrow lips or a change in shape after an injury, if you wish to accentuate and perfectly sculpt your lips, the best choice for you is an injectable skin implant using hyaluronic acid.

Come to our aesthetic dermatology

Do you need care related to the promotion of your beauty? If so, aesthetic dermatology is there for you at our clinic in Prague. Make an appointment by phone, e-mail or in person at the reception desk.

Put yourself in the hands of our aesthetic dermatologists

MUDr. Dorota Seuniková - Fotka
MUDr. Dorota Seuniková
Czech English
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MUDr. Nikola Vološčuková - Fotka
MUDr. Nikola Vološčuková
Czech English French

I pursue the whole dermatovenerological field, but i specialize in facial dermatoses (acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis), eczema and hair diseases.

I participate regularly in Czech and international congresses and somposia to keep myself in the picture. For several years now i also pursue corrective dermatology (laser treatment, botulinum toxin application, threads and filling materials).

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MUDr. Martin Bortlík  - Fotka
MUDr. Martin Bortlík
Czech English French

He is the 1st author of a study published in an impect journal and for his professional work he received the Albert Schweitzer Award and the Josef Hlávka Award for the best university students, among other things.

His experience is in the field of clinical dermatology with focus on atopic eczema , psoriasis (including biological treatment), acne, hair loss diseases and more as well as dermatosurgery and aesthetic medicine – application of botulinum toxin, fillers, Aptos lifting threads, laser treatments etc..

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MUDr. Kristina Matoušková - Fotka
MUDr. Kristina Matoušková
Czech English French


2019 - 2024 Charles University, 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Prague -Postgraduate studies - Preventive Medicine

2013 - 2019 Charles University, Faculty of Medicine, Pilsen, Pilsen -General Medicine

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