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Nutritional therapy (Prague)

Holistic Health Coaching is an approach to personal development and health that focuses on a holistic view of the person, including physical, emotional and mental aspects. Nutritional Therapy is a specialized field that uses optimal nutrition as a key tool to prevent disease and promote overall health.

Do you need a change in your life, do you feel that you do not have the ideal way of eating, type or amount of exercise and generally do not feel well? Don't know how to proceed?

Nutritional therapy (Prague) - intro
Nutritional therapy (Prague) - intro

Why is our nutritional therapist so popular?


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You will find all our specialisations under one roof.


You always book for the exact time. Our best orthopedics sees patients without you having to wait and with a smile.

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Nutritional therapy (Prague)

Our health and wellbeing department combines Holistic Health Coaching with expert nutritional therapy. It helps clients identify and understand their individual health and wellbeing needs and goals. They cover a wide range of aspects including lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity, stress, emotional health, sleep and other factors affecting overall wellbeing.

We reduce the world to what we think of ourselves and the world around us for various reasons. Let's change what is preventing a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life.


Nutritional counselling includes:

  • Assessment of health status needs and goals.
  • The basics of healthy eating and the importance of a proper diet for overall health.
  • Analysis of current diet and eating habits.
  • Discussion of an eating plan and appropriate physical activity.
  • Suggestion of appropriate supplements and vitamins if the situation requires.
  • Assessment of health status with GP and therapist.
  • Development of an overall plan for the client that includes dietary, therapeutic, psychological and physical aspects.
  • Evaluating the results achieved, designing long-term processes.



Our Holistic Health Therapist (Prague) will help you find your way to yourself

At ATODA Medical, we are not just interested in symptoms, but in the overall health of our patients. When we encounter difficulties that persist after many medical appointments, we focus on connecting the life story with physical and emotional health. We look not only at eating habits, but also family history and emotional state to identify potential health risk factors.

Our care is focused on promoting holistic health and well-being. It doesn't matter if it's a chronic digestive problem, weight issues or psychological difficulties. We work with you to create an individualized plan that includes nutritional therapy, physical activity and support for mental well-being. We believe that the key to long-term health is holistic care that respects your uniqueness and supports you on the path to optimal physical and mental well-being.


We deal with holistic health across departments

With facilities and comprehensive services under one roof, we can provide the best care for clients and address specific issues in collaboration with other departments.

There are many health promotion counseling centers in Prague, but our clinic focuses on holistic health, which is often neglected in regular outpatient clinics. We will arrange an appointment with you by phone, for a precise time. This gives the doctor plenty of time to fully attend to you, not push you away and try to find the easiest solution. On the contrary, the most effective one. As a result, we will see you without waiting, with a smile on our face and offer you tailored care.

Put yourself in the hands of our nutritional therapist

Tereza Agnew M.A. DiS. - Fotka
Tereza Agnew M.A. DiS.
„You are that which is your deep and abiding desire, for your desire is your will, your will is your effort, and your effort is your destiny.“
Nutrition therapist, Holistic Health Coaching
Czech English

I have a degree and higher professional education in nutritional therapy and communication. In addition to evidence-based medicine, I am interested in the wise principles in traditional Chinese medicine, which I have studied for several years. I believe that combining these along with each person's unique story is the key to a holistic approach. I feel there is no greater calling than to help another person. I believe that each person is valuable and unique. And that every problem has a solution. It's just a matter of discovering the right direction...

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Silvia Žiaková

We have a family membership in Atoda. We have the most experience with pediatrics, specifically Dr. Draxlová. We are very satisfied with the attitude, expertise and empathy of the doctor and nurse. Thank you

Malika Inogamova

Pleasant environment, nice staff, quick appointment and quality examination. Everything is at a high level, thank you that I can contact you men with any problem and I always get quality care !

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