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Psychosomatics (Prague)

Something's wrong but you don't know what it is? It's possible and even common nowadays! Our psychosomatics department provides top-quality care for pain and health problems without an obvious physiological cause. We know how to recognise psychosomatic pain, we emphasise well-conducted examinations and then we address the connection between the psyche, the body and the disease. What are our patients' most common concerns?

The most common psychosomatic diseases, examples:

  • Non-specific long-term chronic pain (psychosomatic pain).
    • Sore throat.
    • Hip pain.
    • Headaches, migraines.
    • Knee pain.
    • Abdominal pain.
    • Pain in the thoracic spine.
  • Typical psychosomatic diseases such as asthma, allergies or atopic eczema.
  • Sexual problems.
Psychosomatics (Prague) - intro
Psychosomatics (Prague) - intro

Why make an appointment at our psychosomatic clinic?


You will find all our specialisations under one roof.


We offer prestigious tailor-made psychosomatic care.


You always book for the exact time. Our psychosomatic doctor will see you without you having to wait and with a smile!


We receive patients
from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


In the client zone you have all the information in one place. We also offer consultations over the phone.


Are you worried you'll have trouble getting through to us? Just drop by – ATODA Medical is perfectly accessible by public transport and you can always park here.

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What should a good psychosomatic (Prague) do?

ATODA Medical is not just a psychosomatic clinic. Our doctors never give up. If a patient has undergone repeated medical examinations with negative results and the problem persists nonetheless, we try to connect the patient's life story with the physical being. We investigate their family history, body language and possible health risk factors.

Whether it is a long-standing cough or psychosomatic diseases such as urinary tract inflammation, chronic sinusitis or restless legs syndrome, we always provide the best possible care for our patients.

Psychosomatic illness can have different manifestations and symptoms for different people. Some people are troubled by a frozen shoulder, others have cervical spine or bladder pain.


We deal with psychosomatic problems across departments

With our facilities and all comprehensive services under one roof, we can provide the best care for our clients and address specific issues in collaboration with other departments. Psychosomatic treatment is therefore very effective in our clinic.

Any psychosomatic centre in Prague is full and psychosomatics is not dealt with at all in regular outpatient clinics. Back pain is often attributed to sedentary work. Our doctor will make an appointment with you by phone and via our online platform and you will be booked for an exact time. This gives the doctor plenty of time to fully attend to you, without pushing you away or trying to find the easiest solution. On the contrary, they will choose the most efficient one. You are welcome in our clinic without having to wait, with a smile on our face, and are offered tailored care.

Put yourself in the hands of our psychosomatic specialists

MUDr. Martin Seifert - Fotka
MUDr. Martin Seifert
Czech English

I have been dealing with psychosomatic issues for years, and participated, for example, to create a Recommended Practice for General practitioners: Psychosomatic disorders and medically unexplained symptoms.

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What our patients appreciate the most
Nada Soukupová

Atoda Medical is a private facility and its prices are identical to other facilities of this kind. However, we, the clients, have a bonus in the form of superior services and I stand by that!!! All the doctors, nurses but also the receptionists form a great team in my opinion and I always look forward to this clinic. And I am not a patient who likes everything:-) I have my demands, which I cannot say that they are not met. That's why I have renewed my registration again and probably will remain so in the future. I would like to thank Mrs. Karolína Hrubá, who gained my trust and helped me a lot in a situation I didn't know how to handle.She is a person in her place and a great professional. :-) Thank you also to everyone else .....

Frantisek Zeman

Super access and quality exceeds the price. I highly recommend

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