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Orthopaedics (Prague)

Orthopaedics at ATODA Medical offers state-of-the-art care in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

Are you suffering from pain and mobility in your joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons or spine? We will solve your problems once and for all. Patients with back, shoulder, ankle or knee pain come to us most often, but problems with poor posture, flat feet or developmental defects in children are also common.

Why choose ATODA Medical in Prague for an orthopaedic examination? Our doctors are among the best specialists in the Czech Republic and meet the requirements of even the most demanding patients. We have a top orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in oncology and paediatric orthopaedics, among other things.

Orthopaedics (Prague) - intro
Orthopaedics (Prague) - intro

Why is our orthopedist (Prague) so popular?


You always book for the exact time. Our best orthopedics sees patients without you having to wait and with a smile.


We receive patients
from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


You will find all our specialisations under one roof.


Are you worried you'll have trouble getting through to us? Just drop by – ATODA Medical is perfectly accessible by public transport and you can always park here.


In the client zone you have all the information in one place. We also offer consultations over the phone.


We offer prestigious customised orthopedic care.

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Private orthopaedics (Prague) offers top-quality care

Our clinic has a private orthopaedic clinic where we accept new patients without referrals and without you having to wait and offer them the best possible care. Traditional hospitals today can hardly accept all patients and emergency rooms do not work very well. Although we cannot be seen without an appointment, this is why we are always able to book our clients for a specific time, without you having to wait and with a smile on our face. In addition, we offer very short waiting times.


You will find an excellent paediatric or sports orthopaedic surgeon here

A good paediatric orthopedist or a first-class private sports orthopedist is a scarce commodity today. Our orthopaedics clinic sees adults as well as children and athletes and specialises in oncology orthopaedics.


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Children's orthopaedics Prague

Paediatric patients often require more sensitive and complex care. Orthopaedics of the hand, orthopaedics of the foot, or examination of any other part of the body in children requires expertise and an individual approach combined with gaining the trust of each child. However, we also take an individual approach to adult patients. Initial examinations are normally followed by a consultation with a doctor who explains everything that awaits the patient. In the case of developmental defects, poor posture, flat feet, growth-related pain or other serious conditions, the doctors explain all methods and treatment options.

Private sports orthopaedics Prague

A sports orthopaedic specialist for knees or other parts of the body knows that the patient's care doesn't stop there, whether you are overtraining or suffering from unilateral strain in golf, tennis, hockey or other sports.

ATODA Medical offers complete care under one roof. Not only athletes need follow-up care after orthopaedic examinations. Our doctors know well that the best results can be achieved in cooperation with neurology and physiotherapy. Our list of doctors and specialists is long and can perfectly meet your needs.

Put yourself in the hands of our orthopaedists

MUDr. Karel Němec - Fotka
MUDr. Karel Němec
Czech English

Specialization: General orthopaedics, paediatric orthopaedics, oncological orthopaedics

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MUDr. Roman Štícha - Fotka
MUDr. Roman Štícha
Czech English French

Dealing with musculoskeletal system difficulties in the areas of orthopedics and traumatology with strong emphasis on linking the treatment with physiotheraphy and other rehabilitation methods, healing pain and traumas of athletes.

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What our patients appreciate the most
Sabina Günther

I go to Dr. Podstolska with my one-year-old daughter. I am very satisfied with her individual approach, willingness to solve even seemingly small things. Of course, she is professional and friendly at the same time. I'm also glad for the pleasant office with a play rug, heating over the changing table, the possibility to drive a stroller up to the office. The care of the nurses and their assistance during appointments is absolutely above and beyond. I also appreciate the texting system that reminds me of my check-up/exam appointment in a timely manner.

Petr Koubský

After a few months since registration I am completely satisfied. Excellent GP and specialist services, flexible on appointments, friendly reception. Human approach. This is how I imagine medical care to be! Money well spent. By the way, they recognised early on that what I thought was a mole on my face wasn't quite a mole and sent me for vital surgery. Thank you.

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