When and where a child physiotheraphist will help (Prague)

Psyhiotheraphist for children focuses on the musculoskeletal system.  Fyzioterapie pro děti se soustředí na pohybový aparát. Among the most common troubles are poor posture, scoliosis or flat feet in children. But in ATODA Medical, we also focus on:

  • diastasis,
  • delayed psychomotor development,
  • concentration disorders,
  • nocturia and others.


We treat children, who went through an illness or through an accident and our physiotherapists pick one of many suitable techniques, including the progressive Vojta’s method, Bobath’s method or method of Ludmila Mojžíšová. We do not ignore the newest scientific discoveries, on the contrary, we try to introduce at our clinic everything that would help you and your children.


Child physiotheraphy Prague, which focuses on healthy movement development

Parents should focus on building good foundations in motor skills and a healthy musculoskeletal system of their children, which will serve them all their life. Therefore we look after the youngest, from infants, to toddlers, to older children and teenagers.

ATODA Medical offers their clients comprehensive complex Medical care in one place. Thanks to the cooperation between our individual medical departments, it is easier to treat musculoskeletal system at younger age and then follow up on the follow-up treatment


Child rehabilitation Prague without long waiting periods for everyone

We understand, that you want to put your health in the hands of a true professional. Physiotheraphy and rehabilitation for children in Prague 7 at ATODA Medical employs only the best specialists, who are capacities in their field. When called, our child physiotheraphy and rehabilitation department offers appointments without long waiting times so you do not have to waste your time.

We offer aid to everyone: both czech and foreign clients, foreigners with permanent residence, tourists and expats. To make it easier for those from abroad, we have signed a contract with some of the foreign insurance companies.

Veronika Procházková, DiS.


I graduated from SZS in Prague and between the years of 2003 and 2006 I finished the postgraduate studies in the field of physiotherapy

2006-2015 I worked at a rehabilitation center with a wide range of clients: orthopedic, neurological, post-traumatic, post-operative and many other diagnosis

2015-2017 I worked abroad, where I focused on childrens (pediatric)physiotherapy where the clients had a great variety of diagnosis

2017-2019 I cooperated witk the Axon clinic, formost in the field of childrens (pediatric) neuro-rehabilitation 

2018-2019 private pediatric practice

2019-2021 I cooperated with the Santé clinic, where I focused mostly on prevention of WBP (wrong body posture) and on adults and children with backpain


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