Child psychiatry: what can we help you with

Unfortunately, we currently do not accept any new patients for any examinations in this field due to capacity being completely full.

We help children and young adults between 3 to 18 years of age with almost any problems in the field of pedopsychiatry. Child and adolescent psychiatry deals i.e. ADHD syndrome and phobias or self-harming, but also with other various disorders:

  • autism spectrum disorders
  • tic disorders
  • affective disorders
  • behavioral and emotional disorders
  • eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia

With the wide spectrum of problems we can help both boys and girls, which were caused by genetic, social or educational factors.


Child psychiatrist deals also with depression or sexual abuse

Department of Child Psychiatry in ATODA Medical deals also with child depression and beyond the above mentioned psychiatric disorders also with maltreatment, sexual abuse and child and young adult neglecting.

Child and adolescent psychiatry is one of the specializations, where it is not enough for us to be good assistants, we want to be the best. Some manifestations are developed alerady during childhood, some does not manifest itself fully untill one is an adult. While growing up, particularly younger children express problems completely differently and they find it difficult to talk about their problems or find it diffucult to express them in any other way. They then often complain about somatic troubles (abdominal pain, headaches or fatigue) or their behavior deteriorates rapidly.


It is allright, that you cannot manage by yourself: child psychiatry will help (Prague)

Pedopsychiatry in Prague in ATODA Medical aims to explaint to parents, that it is not a bad thing to find help of a specialist and not to try to deal with everything in private. On the contrary, in most cases it is the only way to help your children. Only with professional help you can take care of severe mental problems.

Very common and serious mental illnesses children and young adults suffer from are eating disorders, which often end in an untimely death. Eating disorders can radicaly affect a growing up person, while with some severe metabolical consequences he or she may have to fight for the rest of their lives (menstrual cycle and thyroid gland disorders, osteoporosis, immunity or thermoregulation disorders are no exception as well as dental caries and brittleness of nail and hair).


Child psychiatrist (Prague) with a short booking time

The ambulance and the children’s psychiatric hospitals in Prague often offer patients absurd waiting times and appointment dates. If you contacted a medical facility (i.e. psychiatry Motol, Krč Hospital, Thomayer Hospital, Bohnice etc.) and you do not want to wait for a long time, contact us, ATODA Medical. In our private clinic you will get the best individual and family care.

Don’t let disorders and illnesses impact your child’s development and avoid consequences that can affect them for the rest of their lives.

MUDr. Fabienne Kosová

child psychiatrist

Education: Gratuated from 1. Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in 1991. Between 1993 and 1996 passed the state exam in electroencephalography and attestation in the field of neurology. She has completed the course Crisis Intervention and Hypnosis. Since 2012, she has been certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Experience: After finishing her studies, she started as a neurologist at a hospital in Kralupy nad Vltavou, later she worked at University hospital Na Bulovce. She worked in ambulance Sananim and Drop-in, where she had the chance to become familiar with drug problematice. Since 2007 she works as pedopsychiatrist at Child psychiatrist hospital Louny in both inpatient and outpatient department.

Since 2015 she also has the post of the Primary and Deputy Director. She deals with children and adolescents from 3 to 18 years of age on outpatient basis with difficulties from practicaly the entire pedopsychiatric area – e.g. ADHD syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, tic disorders, phobias, affectic disorders, self-harm, behavioral and emotional disorders and eating disorders – anorexia and bulimia.


Mgr. Matějková Monika

child psychologist

Mgr. Matějková Monika


I am a psychologist with a psychotherapeutic education. I am mainly engaged in counseling, psychotherapy and diagnostics for children and I also work with the family, as a system, i.e. counseling for parents, the family, or during complex situations in the family (divorce, illness, death ...). I believe that the family is a system and as such, must be worked with as such. At the same time, I believe that education about a specific mental illness is also very important, which is why I also offer these consultations, especially for parents.

I have a university degree in single-subject psychology (part of which I studied at the University of Finland, part of it in Prague), five-year therapeutic training in the field of daseinsanalysis. I am included in pre-certification preparation. I worked as a child psychologist at the Louny Children's Psychiatric Hospital and subsequently at the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital.


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