Company care

We provide superior health care for management and employees to suit everyone and according to the time requirements of corporate clients. We can offer both occupational health examination that comply with current laws, as well as occupational health services of above-standard scope for any company and its umployees.

In all areas of care, we put emphasis not only on the professional health care, but also for psychosomatics which is very important for life / work balance. We offer meetings with experts from the field of psychology, psychiatry, personal development, and we link all these fields with the care of a general practitioner, internist, physiotherapist etc.



It is in the best interest of both employers and employees to invest in their employee‘s health. According to the law, every company must monitor their staff for work eligibility. But if an employer wants his workers to stay healthy, happy and well-balanced, standard medical examinations are not sufficient. Therefore, we offer our services to all responsible employers. We will be happy to become your partner in health care of your employees.

Above-standard health care for employees is always a benefit, and maybe it is just that fact that will decide whether you will have an advantage over your competition, especially in the current labour market crisis where it is more and more difficult to find quality personnel.


What can you offer to your employees with our assistance?

We will prepare a health care program or more health care programs for you. There is almost an endless amount of variants. Here are a few examples:

Complex examinations

For employees who are healthy or satisfied with their current health care provider, we offer these one-step complex examinations or consultations:

  • Complex examination of internal physician with emphasis on correct metabolic exchange
  • Complex offer of an internist, including a genetic test for more than 75 genetic markers
  • Complex examination of a physiotherapist
  • Basic psychotherapeutic interview
  • Basic conversation with a nutritional consultant

The result of such a comprehensive inspection is to evaluate the current status and eventual recommendations for further action. We also offer interlacing complex examinations into a comprehensive "Fit for life / Fit for business" program.


Continuous care

We offer our clients packages of long-term care. They are intended for all employees and family members who have a longstanding interest in their health and want to regularly use the services ATODA Medical. Our clients (from newborns to seniors) get care 24 hours a day.


Occupational health care

We provide occupational health services according to relevant legislation.

Legislation establishes an obligation for the employer to deliver occupational health services for its employees by contract. According to the Act no. 373/2011 Coll. on Specific medical services, occupational health care services mean:

  • Assessment of the influence of work activity, working environment and working conditions on health
  • Implementation of preventive examinations and health assessment for the purpose of assessing fitness to work
  • Consulting aimed at protecting health and prevention of occupational accidents, job-related diseases and work-related illnesses
  • 2 hours training in first aid for a maximum of 15 participants
  • Regular supervision over the performance of work activity in the workplace
  • Preventive examinations
  • Initial, periodic, special and exit examinations in the standard frame.

We will prepare specific offer of these examinations for you based on the categorization of work.

For Category I. (risk-free), we offer this basic range of medical examinations:

  • Data analysis on the current development of the health status
  • Work history
  • Physical examination:

  - Measurement and evaluation of blood pressure values
  - Measurement of weight, height, BMI, temperature
  - Orientation examination of muscle and axial posture
  - Basic eye examination
  - Examination of the cardio-pulmonary, blood-circulation, digestive and urogenital systems

  • Urinalysis-paper
  • Deliver of medical assessment  

Scope of examinations can be expanded according to requirements of the employer.
We provide initial examinations within a week after ordering.
To increase the comfort of your employees, it is commonplace to send a notice to each one of them by email or SMS.

We offer these additional services:

  • Consultancy (e.g. vaccination schedule before traveling abroad)
  • Regular check-ups of your workplaces
  • First aid training
  • Training and workshops as required by the employer

As the best and most efficient type of care for your staff, we recommend a combination of compulsory and beneficial care. 

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