Narrowed foreskin and itchy foreskin afflicts many boys and men

Some boys have problems with moving of the foreskin already inborn, while adult men (especially diabetics) suffer from it do to recurring inflammations. You can easily recognize phimosis or narrowing of the foreskin. The foreskin of the penis cannot be pulled over the tip.

How to get rid of cracked foreskin? Parents are advised to pull the foreskin over the tip at the end of a bath, when the skin is soft, thus preventing problems. Phimosis regardless of age, however, should be treated surgically by removing the foreskin or parts of it.

Phimosis can afflict men for example: during sexual intercourse (erectile dysfunction, pain, foreskin swelling or burning of the foreskin). During phimosis boys or men may suffer from foreskin inflammation or difficulty urinating, regardless of age.


We deal with children who have foreskin inflammation and other foreskin diseases at ATODA Medical

Cracked or swollen foreskin are just one of the few problems that accompany phimosis. We understand that this is a sensitive issue and therefore we believe that you will enjoy the quiet, discreet and friendly environment at ATODA Medical. We deal with foreskin hypertrophy using the most modern technologies.

At the private clinic in Prague 7, you will feel comfortable, you will always be booked for exact time without any wait, you will receive complex medical care and you do not have to worry that the doctors will not have enough time to take care of you.


Reddish or swollen foreskin: we choose the appropriate treatment

Do you suffer from cracks on the foreskin (feeling chapped or ruptured), narrow bridle or any other problems? At ATODA Medical, custom-made treatment, including appropriate timing, will always be recommended. The attending physician will answer all your questions, discuss preventive steps with you and help you with treatment, all in the pleasant environment of a private clinic in Prague 7.

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