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Inflammation of the appendix is a relatively common health problem

If food gets where it should not, it may cause an inflammation of the appendix. It is nothing extraordinary both in children and adults. One of the main symptoms is pain in the lower abdomen. Do you suffer from it? Do not underestimate anything and, in case of suspicion, make an appointment at our clinic. Our top doctors will diagnose the possible problem and discuss with you what should be done next.

Is the problem caused by the appendix? The operation of the appendix is a common procedure

Chronic and acute inflammation are clear signs that the operation of the appendix is necessary. The appendix is an organ that should not be underestimated. Whether the diagnosis has been performed by us or anywhere else, you can make use of our other services. We can provide you with the surgery in the shortest time possible. Once the laparoscopic appendectomy is scheduled, we will carry out the necessary preoperative examination. Contact us.

Do you have a question? Or do you want to make an appointment? Contact us!
What our patients appreciate the most
Milan Valášek

Very professional approach and absolutely perfect behavior to the patient. Unparalleled with public health.

Stanislava Foltýnová

I couldn't have picked a nicer clinic. For me it's absolutely TOP. Such a nice and professional staff as in Atoda is hard to see. With my panic fear of needles, we found a way to overcome all the withdrawals during pregnancy ... gynecologist MUDr. Vlček is a pedant who does not underestimate anything! After my son was born, I signed him up for the atody as well. Regular check-ups at the exact time when I come and do not have to wait are not even remotely comparable to the meticulous approach of the pediatrician! The price/quality ratio is more than favorable! When I take into account that I have almost everything under one roof and I don't have to run halfway across Prague ... it's definitely worth it

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