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The examination of the colon will help to reveal various problems.

Do you have problems with the colon? You should definitely not underestimate them. Diseases are often related to digestion, diet, and lifestyle. If you have any symptoms indicating a problem, do not underestimate them. Make an appointment with us for the examination of the colon.

The risk is both the inflammation and cancer of the colon

At our clinic, we preventively examine the colon using state-of-the-art methods. Both the inflammation and cancer of the colon bring serious risks. The problem will be diagnosed by our top doctor, who will also discuss with you all the possible solutions and variants of the treatment.

One of the possible treatments is also the colon surgery

But this is usually the last option. There are also different types of prevention, including healthy lifestyle, movement, rest and proper food. The test for colon cancer and other tests will reveal the particular disease and the stage in which it is. If the colon surgery is necessary, we will perform it in the shortest time possible, together with the necessary preoperative examination. You can make use of our services even when the specific problems have been diagnosed to you somewhere else. Contact us.

Do you have a question? Or do you want to make an appointment? Contact us!
What our patients appreciate the most
Jan Skovajsa

Great service that is unparalleled in the healthcare industry.

Ana Fate

Great clinic, very helpful friendly receptionists! We visited the dermatologist and she was just perfect, you feel so much more at ease when you are in the hands of a professional. No waiting, right on schedule and even the coffee is great :)

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