Pain and inflammation of the gall bladder are currently a common problem

Unhealthy lifestyle as well as poor diet—these are the reasons for gall bladder pain indicating the likely gall bladder inflammation. When the symptoms appear, i.e. the gall bladder colic, you should rather make an appointment with us for examination. Our top doctors will diagnose the problem and discuss with you the possibilities you have.

The problem may also be caused by gallstones. In this case, gall bladder surgery is proposed

The problem should not be underestimated; as various complications may appear. Make an appointment for examination, which will enable the doctor to diagnose the problem and tell you whether it is the gallstones or something else, such as gall bladder cancer. One of the possible solutions then may be gall bladder surgery. Here too our clinic will help you. We will provide you with the surgery in the shortest time possible and will carry out the preoperative examination required by laparoscopic surgery of the gall bladder. For these reasons, you can make an appointment with us even when the problems with the gall bladder have been diagnosed to you somewhere else. Contact us.

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