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Ophthalmology or ophthalmology is a field which focuses on optic diseases as well as on eye surgery. This may include the relatively well-known operation of the eyelids, but also other eye surgeries.

We know what the best ophthalmology clinic is. Prague will offer it.

At ATODA Medical, we pride ourselves on top-quality care and services. In order to maintain both, the quality of the ophthalmic surgery is provided externally. It is still the location of Prague. We will arrange an examination at your earliest convenience. The place of examination will be our clinic or the collaborating external centre and its ophthalmologists, where we guarantee the same quality of examination as in ours.

Only high-quality ophthalmic ambulance.

Since we know where the best experts work, we will send you there. Prague 7 and our clinic will probably not be the place for your examination because we do not run an eye centre. However, we can still provide this care.

The recommended ophthalmologist will deal with the problem.

Whatever the problem with your eye, experienced doctors can diagnose it properly. Subsequently they will discuss the follow-up options for treatment or surgery.

Ophthalmology for everyone. We know who the best ophthalmologist is. You can find him in Prague.

Whether you need to have your eyes or the eyes of your children examined, please contact us. We'll arrange an appointment with the best ones in this field at your earliest convenience.

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