Faecal occult blood and rectal bleeding? Make an appointment with us for examination

If you suffer from faecal occult blood or rectal bleeding, do not underestimate the situation and quickly make an appointment at our clinic. What is the cause of the faecal blood? It can be haemorrhoids, cracked mucosa of the rectum, inflammation of the intestines, but possibly also a tumour. Problems may appear in adults as well as in children. If you have a suspicion of rectal bleeding, our top doctor will perform a professional examination, diagnose the problem, and, in a follow-up consultation, recommend appropriate options for a possible treatment based on the diagnosis of the symptoms you had.

The basic diagnostic method is the faecal occult blood test

Faecal occult blood test (FOBT) is the method that will be performed by our doctor. This test is very simple and quick. There is no reason to be afraid. The examination of the stool for occult bleeding is carried out by simply taking a small sample of the stool. Subsequently, a chemical examination of the stool is performed, through which possible traces of blood are detected. Whether you have only suspicion or suffer from severe bleeding from the rectum, make an appointment with us. We will schedule the examination in the shortest time possible, according to your possibilities.

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