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Erectile dysfunction: treatment and lifestyle change

Men do not have to be ashamed of erectile dysfunction disorders. After the 50th year of age, poor erections affects 50% of men. However, erection problems are also becoming more common in young men. Insufficient erections will catch up with most men during their lifetime. The reason may be smoking, diabetes, surgery or high blood pressure. Poor lifestyle, diseases of civilization or nervousness and psychogenic diseases are most often responsible for unsatisfactory erection.


How to solve erection problems during intercourse and how to improve erection?

How to get rid of erectile dysfunction and achieve an increased erection? A visit to urology and a thorough examination by a doctor will always help. Are you asking about the causes of an erection? The most common is certainly a disorder of blood supply through atherosclerosis of the inlet arteries, in other words, poor blood supply to the penis. How to support an erection?

There are many ways these days. If you have an erectile dysfunction, treatment is not painful like some time ago. Better erection can be achieved by taking drugs orally or by application to the urethra by a vacuum pump or by injection of active ingredients into the axillary bodies. The support of erection must sometimes also be treated surgically.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction at ATODA Medical

At ATODA Medical, we will advise you on how to solve erection problems at the age of 40, 30 or 20 years. We are aware that the topic of improving erection can be sensitive for you. That is why we will deal with everything discreetly in a quiet and friendly environment of the private ATODA Medical Clinic in Prague 7.

Cracked or swollen foreskin are just one of the few problems that accompany phimosis. We understand that this is a sensitive topic, and therefore we believe that you will enjoy the quiet, discreet, friendly environment in ATODA Medical.

You can make an appointment in advance for an exact time, so that when you come, you will be immediately admitted. During the visit, during which the doctor gives you 100% of his or her attention, you can ask about anything. Your doctor will advise you on how to solve your erection problem and how to proceed.


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What our patients appreciate the most
Aleš Háma

ATODA Medical is for me an island of care in servicing my body. Human approach, comfort and flexibility are the reasons why when my body needs something, I go here.

Míla Havlová

Pleasant treatment, everyone was absolutely professional from the receptionist, nurses, to the doctor. Thank you.

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