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Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy

Don’t spend thousands on expensive cosmetic products, whose effects in most cases are not what you imagined and desired, anyway.


Book an appointment and procedure in ATODA Medical, if you are deciced, that you want to:

  • Rejuvenate your cleavage, neck or face by natural regerenarion of skin cells
  • Give your skin a long term hydration
  • Defeat enlarged pores
  • Have smoother skin without wrinkles or lines
  • Finally win your fight agains acne
  • „have everything taken care of“ for several months
  • Be the brightest star of the evening
  • Look naturaly younger


Book an appointment and procedure in ATODA Medical, if you DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT:

  • Your skin to know the touch of needles or scalpels
  • Loose your mimics
  • Increase your sensitivity to sunlight
  • Spend outrageous sums of money on cosmetics without significant effect


Curious about what exactly Mesotherapy is?

By using microneedles, we will inject the hyaluronic acid directly to where it has the greatest effect – the dermis part of your skin, which affects the most, how many skin wrinkles or lines are visible. If you are concerned about feeling any pain, you don’t need to worry, we will numb your skin by using a special cream first before starting the procedure. You will be leaving us without any bruises and you can immediately get back to your daily activities.

Book an appointment with our dermatology specialist and we can guarantee you an individual approach, which will assure, that we will plan for you exactly the type of rejuvenation that you need. Our doctor will, of course, count the price for you before the procedure and will only perform it with your consent.

And when can you book an appointment at our clinic? Summer or winter, it does not matter, whenever during the whole year is fine, because mesotherapy is not photoreactive.

Do you have a question? Or do you want to make an appointment? Contact us!
What our patients appreciate the most
Jaroslav Rejmont

I am completely satisfied with the clinic. Nice, clean environment, good organization and most importantly, what the previous three doctors could not solve, the doctor solved it on my first visit. I appreciate the professionalism of the doctor--Urology.
Thank you.... a thousand thanks !!!!

Dada Vcelak

Our children have paid for membership for the second year and we do not regret it, we will definitely continue. We have comparisons with other big competitors in Prague, who offer the same services, but the approach and willingness to meet us and just advise over the phone is not a problem. Comparison like when you have a luxury car and it does not drive well, so you will be satisfied with a less luxurious, but with great driving characteristics...here you get both, no compromises. Beautiful clinic, nice and helpful staff, professional examination, parking right next to the clinic and if you need something from the pharmacy, it is just around the corner. Recommended!

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