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Kidney and bladder sonography (ultrasound)

What will it detect

Ultrasound of Urinary tract parts can reveal many difficulties, which afflict a large part of adult population and kidney and bladder ultrasound is not the only ultrasound variant used in urology examinations.Physicians also focus on prostate, scrotum and seminal vesicles.

If you have any problems with kidneys or bladder, do not hesitate to contact us. Even if you only have little problems and think that yourorgans are not in order, it is good to start taking care of these vital body parts as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary health complications. Prevention is as important as eventual treatment.


What is the course of kidney and bladder sonography

In case of an ultrasound examination (ultrasonography or echocardiography that doctors use) ultrasound waves pass through you body, which bounce back from your kidneys and bladder, eventually also from transitions between tissues with different acoustic impedances.

The doctor will inform you, how to correctly lay down on the medical bed. As part of the examination, the doctor uses a special gel, which guarantees a safe contact of a probe with your body and using ultrasound takes the necessary images. You do not have to worry, ultrasonography is completely painless and doesn’t stress your body with x-rays. Everything is absolutely safe.


How should i prepare for a kidney or bladder ultrasound

You can come to have an examination even without a referral from your general practitioner or a specialist. In most cases, there is no special preparation needed beforehand.


What is the price of sonography

A physician specializing in ultrasound examinations dedicates our patient 45 minutes, after which he will give you a complete medical report. To provide maximum care and the soonest possible dates, these examinations are not covered by czech health insurance. The price is available for public knowledge and you can find it in our price list.

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