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Laser epilation and hair removal by laser

How does laser epilation work?

The laser beam goes through the hair (melanin) to the roots of the hairs and thus not only destroys the hair, but the entire hair follicle (root) in the skin. Therefore hairs don't have a chance to grow again. This is one of the reasons why epilation has become a very popular and comfortable method of hair removal. Laser epilation can be undergoing at any age, with any skin type it is an effective treatment for both, women and men.

Laser epilation hair removal on legs before and after

Advantages of hair removal by laser epilation

  • safe and painless treatment
  • permanent hair removal
  • effective removal of women´s and men's hair
  • short treatment time
  • treatment is possible on all parts of the body (including intimate areas)
  • end of overgrown hairs and irritated skin


Laser epilation hair removal on chest before and afterWhat technology we provide for laser epilation


Ultra fast diode epilation laser with 3PC cooling technology (before, during and after) with high power. Diode epilation laser is the first on the market to combine two wavelengths 810 nm and 755 nm. The result is very fast and effective. Our technology provides permanent reduction of highly pigmented (dark) and minimally pigmented (light) hair anywhere on your body or face.


Laser epilation hair removal on back before and afterEpilation laser Diolaze XL removes hair from:

  • face, moustache, chin
  • neck
  • breast and whole chest
  • armpits
  • groins, intimate parts
  • abdomen and lower abdomen
  • whole legs and arms
  • back


Price of laser epilation is individual

Please, contact us.


Before laser epilation

It is advisable to shave the area three days before the epilation. You should not expose yourself to the sun or visit the solarium for at least three weeks before the procedure itself.


Hair removal by laser

The treatment is painless, but might feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we first apply an anesthetic cream to the treatment areas, which must be left on for 20 - 30 minutes before epilation. The total time of the procedure then depends on the treated area. 

Laser epilation hair removal of the armpit before and after


After laser epilation

The treated areas may or may not be slightly reddish, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. It is important to protect these areas from the sun. If you manage to hide the epilated areas from the sun's rays, it is possible to undergo treatment in the summer months. It is very important to protect yourself with SPF factors, it is also recommended to use hydrating moisturizers.


Result and effect of the laser epilation

For permanent hair removal we usually need to repeat the treatment 4 - 8 times. However, it all depends on the color of your hair and your skin type. The number of sessions is individual.



  • very tanned skin
  • antibiotics 4-6 weeks before the epilation
  • epilation is not suitable for people with epilepsy
  • also not recommended for people with proven skin cancer
  • thyroid disease
  • pregnancy
  • tattoos
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