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Leg ulcers are a chronic (long-term) disease

The problem is that leg ulcers do not have to appear only once. It is no exception that they return. Whether you believe that you have them or suspect a problem of a similar type, make an appointment with us for an exam.

Leg ulcer is a skin problem

What does the leg ulcer look like? It is a chronic skin defect characterized by tissue degradation and possible necrosis. This is the very reason why you should make an appointment at our clinic for an exam that will be connected with the correct diagnosis of the problem performed by one of our top doctors.

The treatment of leg ulcers should not be underestimated

Regardless of the reasons of appearance—which can be revealed through our modern, painless examination—it must be said that the treatment of leg ulcers should not be underestimated. This is the only way to prevent them from spreading, eliminate them and reduce the risks of possible amputation.

What is the procedure for treating leg ulcers?

The correct procedure will be recommended by our doctor after the examination. Among the variants used for treatment are bandaging, wet wound care, and also the use of modern hydrogels as well as active carbon. Contact us.

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What our patients appreciate the most
Peter Janec

I've already used services of more specialists in Atoda Medical and every time I was satisfied with high quality service and very pleasant approach. All the same I can say about the nurses and receptionists who were always willing and quick to respond to any of my requests.

Belinda Filippelli

My only regret is that I didn't sign up for a membership years ago! From the very first meeting with my GP (which was 90 minutes and she was really listening, nothing felt rushed) I have had really positive encounters with all the doctors, nurses, and staff at Atoda. They really do their best to make you feel comfortable and cared for. They take a holistic look at your health, the information is shared between doctors, and you can choose to see a specialist within the clinic or get a referral to another doctor where you insurance would cover so it's very flexible to your needs and budget. Most of all it just took all the stress out of visiting doctors and turned it into a pleasant and caring experience. Highly recommend.

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