Frenuloplasty: what kind of problems are solved by plastic surgery of the bridle?

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Split bridle of the penis (torn bridle on the penis)

When a situation like shortening (rapture or split) of the penis bridle occurs, it is often necessary to perform the so-called frenuloplasty.  The reason for that is to avoid any pain during intercourse, that will the shortened penis bridle cause or to prevent it from bleeding.

If frenuloplasty takes place, you don't have to worry about anything. Everything takes place under local anesthesia and the whole procedure takes only a few tens of minutes. There is no need for hospitalization or stitch removal, but it is highly recommended to limit any sexual activity for 3 weeks.


Short penis bridle (shortened penis bridle)

Frenuloplasty is just one of the solutions. Shortened penis bridle makes life uncomfortable for many men.

Shortened penis bridle that prevents the foreskin from moving freely, undoubtedly worsens the quality of life. Whether it is a congenital or acquired inconvenience, it is always necessary to be examined by a specialist, preferably the urologist, who can determine the diagnosis immediately and choose appropriate treatment. It is most often the application of special ointments containing corticoids or frenuloplasty.

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