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Lucie Petráňová

Paediatric nurse, Lactation consultant
„The lactation counselling is intended for all breastfeeding mothers as well as expectant mothers who want to prepare for breastfeeding.“
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Lactation Counselling:

At ATODA Medical we are dedicated to the individual care of mothers and their babies.

    What can you expect?

  • Individual care: Our lactation consultant dedicates enough time to each appointment to provide care that is fully personalized.
  • Comfortable spaces: Our spaces are designed to create a comfortable and calming environment for all of our clients.
  • Appointment length: We will book you and your baby in for 120 minutes, as we know that childcare can be complex and challenging. We have no problem with a baby being a little grumpy or needing a little more sleep. Your comfort and needs come first for us.

     And when is it appropriate to seek help or advice from our lactation consultant?

  • If you are a new mum and have questions or need support when you start breastfeeding, Lucie is here for you.
  • Need advice on breastfeeding position and technique: she will be happy to help you find the right position and technique that works best for you and your baby.
  • Painful breastfeeding: If you are experiencing pain or discomfort when breastfeeding, Lucie can identify the causes and help you.
  • If you are not sure if you have enough milk or if you are worried about the "quality" of your milk.
  • If you have excess milk production.
  • When the baby is not gaining weight.
  • If you are worried about or suspect inflammation of the breast.


Feel free to contact Lucie with any questions or concerns about breastfeeding. She is here to help you feel supported and confident in your role as a mother.


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Reviews of our patients

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What our patients appreciate the most
Sabina Günther

I go to Dr. Podstolska with my one-year-old daughter. I am very satisfied with her individual approach, willingness to solve even seemingly small things. Of course, she is professional and friendly at the same time. I'm also glad for the pleasant office with a play rug, heating over the changing table, the possibility to drive a stroller up to the office. The care of the nurses and their assistance during appointments is absolutely above and beyond. I also appreciate the texting system that reminds me of my check-up/exam appointment in a timely manner.

Barbora Hrtáňová

Speed, care, great attitude !

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