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MUDr. Pavel Beňo

Chirurgie - Proktologie
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Provedl 1. robotickou operaci v ČR a zavedl Longovy metody operace hemoroidů v ČR.

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MUDr. Pavel Beňo - Fotka


Military Hospital Prague - thoracic and abdominal surgery
17 years
Head of Surgery in Homolka Hospital Prague
Head of Surgery in ISCARE Prague
2 years

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Dada Vcelak

Our children have paid for membership for the second year and we do not regret it, we will definitely continue. We have comparisons with other big competitors in Prague, who offer the same services, but the approach and willingness to meet us and just advise over the phone is not a problem. Comparison like when you have a luxury car and it does not drive well, so you will be satisfied with a less luxurious, but with great driving characteristics...here you get both, no compromises. Beautiful clinic, nice and helpful staff, professional examination, parking right next to the clinic and if you need something from the pharmacy, it is just around the corner. Recommended!

Aleš Háma

ATODA Medical is for me an island of care in servicing my body. Human approach, comfort and flexibility are the reasons why when my body needs something, I go here.

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