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Detox of the organism – is it really necessary?
Úvodní obrázek

Detox alias a favorite word of various celebrities, influencers on social networks and companies that sell fresh juices. Every spring and autumn, a wave of advertisements sweeps at us from various channels, how to cleanse (detoxify) your body with the help of tablets, teas, vegetable juices, etc.

But what will this type of detox do to your body? All of these products promise to cleanse you of toxins, various waste products, cleanse your gut and sometimes even lose a few pounds. It all sounds promising, but the reality is different. In the case of tablets or teas, nothing may happen at all, so you will waste money that you could invest in fresh vegetables and fruits, for example. On the other hand, drinking various juices or detox cocktails all day can have laxative effects. Yes, some would say how well they cleaned their intestines in this way, but the truth is that they have just lost the necessary intestinal bacteria (probiotics), which, among other things, keep our immunity and digestion going well. And when it comes to losing a few pounds, it is clear that after a few acute visits to the toilet, your body will become lighter, you will lose water and minerals, and the body will reach for protein stores, thus reducing muscle.

The body has its own organs for the so-called detox – liver and kidneys. It is the liver that is adapted so that even harmful substances are converted into safer substances in the body, which pass into the kidneys and from there with urine away from the body. In general, waste products leave our body through urine, stool or sweat.

However, if you consume more alcohol, take many medications, that you do not have prescribed by a doctor due to an illness, or in the worst case, take drugs, then of course your liver and kidney function deteriorate. Therefore, it is better to omit alcohol, drugs and medicines to the most necessary ones for the proper functioning of these organs.

The cleansing of the body by the liver and kidneys takes place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and completely free of charge.

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What our patients appreciate the most
Džejkob Jakubisko Dejvidson

Perfect clinic, very experienced doctors, professional and gentle approach of both doctors and staff. I have been at this clinic for half a year and I would not change again, I am maximally satisfied.

Vilma Vaitieke

After years of extremely bad experience with doctors for children in Prague  - this clinic and our new doctor Ms MUDr. Agnieszka Podstolská is just a paradise. Very professional and kind approach, fast service, good communication in cz or English (!), willingness to help which seems to be hard to find elsewhere. Very clean and pleasant environment compared with places “for free” elsewhere where you find stinky packed little waiting rooms with rude staff, especially old school nurses who hate you for being a foreigner. Thank you all for being there for us every time needed!

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