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Medical examination for firearms licensing
Úvodní obrázek

In the case of a firearms licence, a distinction is made between the so-called first issue of a firearms licence and the extension of the expiring validity of an already issued firearms licence (correctly, the issue of a new firearms licence). According to the entitlement of the holder, the firearms licence is divided into groups (the minimum age of the applicant is indicated in brackets):

  • A - collectors (21 years)
  • B - for sport (18 years)
  • C - for hunting (18 years)
  • D - for the exercise of a profession (21 years)
  • E - for the protection of life, health or property (21 years)

First issue of a firearms licence
The following documents and 1 passport photo are required for the first issue. The same documents shall be presented when extending the groups of the firearms licence.
1. medical certificate of medical fitness (valid for 3 months)
2. proof of professional competence (validity 1 year)
3. application for a firearms licence

Issuance of a new firearms licence
The extension of the validity of an existing firearms licence. The extension must be applied for at least 2 months (and up to 6 months) before the expiry of the current firearms licence. However, it is no longer necessary to provide proof of competence; the current firearms licence and 1 passport photograph are sufficient.

Medical examination
The medical examination for a firearms licence serves as a basis for issuing a medical opinion on the medical fitness to possess and carry firearms and ammunition (Act No.119/2002 Coll. on Arms and Ammunition; § 20). Decree No 493/2002 Sb (CZ). on the assessment of medical fitness for the issue or validity of a firearms licence and the contents of the first aid kit of the shooting range operator regulates everything in more detail. Annex 1 to this Decree lists the diseases and conditions which exclude or restrict medical fitness.
The assessing doctor may also, if he considers it appropriate, require psychological or other specialist examinations to assess medical fitness (§ 1, paragraph 2). It is only after taking into account the results of these examinations that he/she will subsequently issue an opinion (fit/unfit/conditionally fit).
The validity of a firearms licence is generally 10 years (only 5 years for Group D), but it may be issued for a shorter period if the medical condition so requires.

What to bring to the medical examination?
Make an appointment for your driving test well in advance. On the day of the test, bring your medical certificate, urine, ID card and glasses or hearing aid if necessary. If you are not a registered client, you will need to complete an affidavit of health or bring along a statement of medical records from your GP. The declaration will need to state the conditions you suffer from and the medication you are taking.

How does the examination work?
The check-up includes a comprehensive examination by a general practitioner, i.e., among other things, a basic cardiological and neurological examination, measurement of blood pressure values, vision and hearing screening. However, if necessary, the assessing doctor may request other specialist examinations (e.g. eye, neurology, orthopaedics, traffic psychology, etc.).


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