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Sclerotherapy of varicose veins
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Our vein specialists, or rather its top doctors, specialize in sclerotherapy of varicose veins.

What is the essence of therapy?
This mini-invasive procedure consists of the application of a sclerosing agent to unwanted veins, which causes damage to the inner lining of the vein, which disintegrates over time. The procedure is suitable for medium-sized veins with a diameter of approximately 3-8 mm.

Sclerotherapy is performed lying down. After disinfection of the skin surface it involves the injection of a special solution into the veins to seal them off. This forces blood to reroute itself to healthier veins.. Then the sclerotized limb is fitted with a compression (compression stocking, elastic bandage).
Sclerotherapy (both foam and liquid) is a very safe method, safer than surgery. 

Small varices are usually removed at the patient's own request for aesthetic reasons. Other reasons may be certain patient complaints, which include, for example, night cramps in the lower limbs, feeling heavy legs or lower limb soreness.

Sclerotherapy can be repeated and it is possible to continue removing other sections of varicose veins. The average number of visits is 2-4 within 4-6 weeks. The reduction of varicose veins after sclerotherapy is up to 80%. The procedure does not require work incapacity significant restrictions.

Benefits of sclerotherapy 

  • Mini-invasive procedure
  • Highly effective painless method
  • Hospitalization or incapacity for work is not required
  • No restrictions on movement
  • Aesthetic improvement – veins in the thighs, calves, ankles, but also small veins in othe parts of the body can be removed 

What is the patient's regimen before the procedure?
Doppler and ultrasound examination of the venous system of the lower limbs is performed before the procedure. There is no need to follow special precautions or to discontinue hormonal contraceptives.

This method of treatment cannot be performed in pregnancy, in case of allergic reactions to the special solution, in patients with low mobility, in patients with lower limb artery disease, in patients with bacterial and viral infections with fever, in patients with venous inflammation or deep venous closure. Further limitations may be present in patients taking medications that affect blood clotting and in those with genetically linked thrombophilic mutations. For foam sclerotherapy, the procedure cannot be performed in patients with an open foramen ovale, in patients who have already had a stroke. In patients suffering from migraines, the procedure can be performed only with extreme caution.

After sclerotherapy
In order for the procedure to achieve its full effect, it is necessary to bandage the limbs with elastic bandages or a compression stocking. Compression is necessary to prevent backflow of blood into the sclerotized vein, which could lead back to visibility of the veins. The compression time is individual and depends on the scope of the procedure and the size of the treated veins. The minimum period is usually 2-4 weeks. In the first three days, it is advisable to avoid sports, rebounds and impacts on the lower limbs and long standing in one place.

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