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Surgical procedures –⁠ Surgery
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We provide a wide range of surgical procedures and comprehensive surgical solutions for a variety of surgical problems.

With expertise in abdominal surgery, gallstones, kidney stones, polyps, umbilical hernias and inguinal hernias, we provide superior care in the preparation and performance of surgery.

By consulting with your physician for same-day (one-day) surgery or more complex procedures, you will receive quality care throughout your treatment process.

If necessary, we can provide surgery under general anesthesia for same-day surgery.

For more challenging surgical procedures under general anaesthesia, where prolonged or intensive post-operative care is required, we can arrange the surgery at a specialist unit. We will ensure that you receive the best care and attention you need.

We believe that your trust is key. With our surgical team, you can expect quality care, a professional approach and thorough preparation for surgery. We will ensure that you are well informed about the entire process so that you have a clear view and feel safe throughout the surgical procedure.

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What our patients appreciate the most
Tomáš Hohl

Excellent medical services at a professional level. Complete satisfaction.

Darek Filip

Amazing receptionist, Professional approach, short appointment, no waiting, Dr Beňo - super procedure-super communication...I am absolutely satisfied.

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