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Premium ADULT program 65+ years
General Practicioner for children (Unlimited follow-up care)
Physiotherapy: Yearly complex preventive examination
Allergology: Complete care
Medical specializations: First examination
1 000 CZK
Medical specializations: Repeated examination
Extended prevention by abdominal ultrasound and by breast ultrasound
700 CZK
Extended prevention by Gynecological and Urological examination
700 CZK
Extended prevention by Cardiology examination
1 000 CZK
Medical procedures (Surgery, Dermatology, Proktology, Urology, etc.)
15% discount
Physiotherapy (follow-up care)
1 000 CZK
Travel vaccination: scheduling, ordering and application of the vaccines
1 000 CZK
20% discount
Life Balance: Massage, Pilates, Joga
700 CZK
Reception à la cafe with refreshments
Medical documentation shared between the specialists (everyone knows all they need with a few clicks)
Providing external treatment (at another facility)
1 000 CZK
Dedicated doctor for complete care
Consultations, prescriptions over the phone (you don´t have to come to the clinic)
Divided waiting rooms (adults x children, healthy x sick)
Personal care Coordinator (takes care of all your needs)
15 000 CZK
Confirming booked terms via sms/email
Ordering medication
Great public transport accessibility
Parking in front of the clinic
All medical specializations in one building
Booking emergency examination – first available
Medical consultations after working hours
Opening hours MO–FRI 7:30–19:00
Homevisit by the General Practitioner at your home
4 500 CZK
Communication in English
We call you back (missed calls)
Client zone: Access to your results (examinations, blood samples, etc.)
Membership – price for 1 year
19 000 CZK
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Joanna Varró


Gabriela Nováková

I have used the service of the Physiotherapist, Mr. Strakoš, who helped me get rid of  contractions in my head after a stroke.

My brother has used the service of the Dermatologist, Mr. Bortlik, who helped him with a chronic eczema that stopped occurrence.

Both specialists are high professionals with empathy to customers.

Some other staff members - I have had a chance to meet - are kind and willing to help. Moreover, the environment is pleasant and welcoming to customers. Thank you for such a great experience!

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