PRP Plasmotheraphy Regenlab

A-PRP Plasmotheraphy (also known as „vampire facelifting"), uses activated platelet-rich plasma and is a very safe, very easily applicable technique used for:

  • deep-skin hydration,
  • wrinkles and undereye circles removal,
  • reducing acne and rejuvenating
  • and overall quality improvement of you skin,
  • which helps to slow down its aging.

Practical use of the plasmotheraphy

A-PRP application is used mostly to reduce face wrinkles, bus also serves to rejuvenate your neck, cleavage and hands. In the facial area it deals mainly with fine wrinkles around the eyes, above upper lip, on the forehead, glabella (the part above your nose and between eyebrows) or chin. Further, plasmotheraphy finds application in healing acne or supports hair growth if you suffer from hair fall or lower hair quality. It can also be used to correct or improve the tissue of all types of scars, after having a laser procedure or chemical peeling done and in healing chronic wounds.


Course of the procedure

Product RegenLab PRP uses your own blood, which makes it maximally safe. There is absolutely no danger of having an immunological reaction or to contract any blood-borne diseases. The whole procedure takes about 30-40 minutes, starting with blood extraction, through its processing and ending with its application and takes place directly in the doctor’s office. He uses a special item set to drain about 8ml of blood, depending on how much will be needed for the procedure, using a centrifuge the blood plasma is separated and subsequently applied with tiny needles into your subdermal area.


How long will it last

The procedure should be done in 3 stages with 3-5 weeks intervals. If whole application scheme is properly followed, the result can be seen after 2-3 weeks and lasts about 12 months, depending on your skin type, its condition and overall lifestyle of the client. Afterwards, you can simply maintain the effect by just undergoing this procedure again every 12-24 months.


Advantages of the plasmotheraphy

It is the most natural method, how to help your tired skin, how to fight against hair fall or a persistent form of acne.

Because your own blood is used, the risk of complications if completely negligible, the posibility of intolerance is minimal. The application brings tissue regeneration and rejuvenation. Quick healing without any undesirable reaction, which can happen using common pharmaceutical substances. Easy, safe preparation and comfortable fast application are undoubtedly big advantages for any client. After the procedure, a slight redding of the skin, mild swelling or bruising can appear. Those can be hidden by makeup, swelling is usually minor, infectious complications are really rare if sterility is maintained and painfulness is minimal.


Price for the procedure approx. CZK 6.900,-


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