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Is the plastic surgery of the nail bed necessary? Prague is the place where our clinic resides

Inflammation of the nail bed is an increasing problem. Treatment procedures can be either conservative, or the plastic surgery of the nail bed may be chosen. Prague is the place where our clinic is located, where you should make an appointment for examination. Our top doctors will diagnose your problem and suggest treatment. Even though this problem is most often associated with the toenail, it is not the rule.

The reason may be even an ingrown nail

The causes of this problem do not have to be only injuries or bad footwear. They can be much easier. An ingrown nail is an example. But even in this case, it is not necessary to suffer. If you have ingrown nails on your feet, make an appointment at our clinic—both for the diagnosis and because the plastic surgery of the nail bed is not a complicated procedure. Contact us.

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