In modern medicine, prevention has its irreplaceable place. Preventive examinations may be linked to the earlier detection of possible illnesses and health problems. Likewise, preventative medical check-ups can prevent the need to use more invasive methods, once a problem appears..

Order for preventive examinations

Preventive examinations should not be underestimated. Order by phone for an exam with our specialists. Our office hours are also available to employed people with a spare time. See for yourself.

Preventive examination is performed by an experienced physician

Our team is full of specialists and professionals. Therefore, a preventive checkup will be done by an experienced physician. If a preventive check is ordered, the GP examines the patient not only by himself, but may also cooperate with the other medical areas that ATODA Medical offers.

Preventive medical check-up is carried out within our family care

We focus on both the care of individuals and the whole family. Just a preventative check-up at a GP is one of the important processes that we care about. Our goal is your health and just a regular preventative check-up at the doctor's office can make a significant contribution.

Perform comprehensive preventive examinations

Our ATODA Medical goal is a unique and individual approach to patients. That is why we do not underestimate and always carry out comprehensive preventive examinations in many areas of your health. And with respect to your age, hereditary illness and much more.

We also provide preventative medical check-ups for employees

We also focus on corporate care for both small and large businesses. One of the pillars of the given services is the preventive medical check-ups of the employees. Both with regard to employers' demands and with regard to the requirements of current laws or the type of employment where specialist preventive health checks may be required.

We use modern devices for preventive medical examinations

Thanks to the superior equipment of our clinic, we have the results often almost instantly and without a lengthy wait. Patients know the results of the examinations, without the need for a repeated visit or a call.

Preventive guided tours are also a matter of course for us

Prevention is extremely important for children, as it will help to detect many problems that otherwise would otherwise have occurred. That is why we also carry out preventive examinations in children, of course, of any age.

Do you require a preventive examination and are in Prague?

You can order a complete preventive examination by phone. You will be pleased with the availability of our ambulance, as well as the ordination time, which also caters to the busy people. If you have a trip around, you can also book at our reception.

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