Our pulmonary department offers a professional approach based on both the diagnosis of the respiratory system and its treatment. Our physicians are able to quickly and accurately identify the type of illness, and then, in consultation, suggest the best treatment procedures for each disease.

Whether it is pulmonary embolism, chlamydia, hypertension, fibrosis, or a different problem, we will overcome it.

No matter what signs and symptoms you have in regards to the respiratory system. In ATODA Medical you will be attended by a top medical examiner. On the basis of diagnostics, a treatment will be proposed that will make your respiratory system healthy again.

We can diagnose problems such as inflammation or lung cancer.

Even today is not unusual to have pneumonia. Symptoms that you have are communicated to our physician who, after a series of tests, finds out if this is really the case. It also diagnoses lung inflammation in children, or various forms of cancer and other problems with the respiratory system. It is always important to come on time - so we also offer the possibility of a preventive examination.

We are a top pulmonary clinic. Prague is the site where we will examine you.

Top staff, combined with the possibility of doing CT and X-ray scans, gives our doctors confidence that they can easily diagnose any problem. Whether of a smaller kind or even a kind of specialty in the field of phthisical medicine - dealing with tuberculosis.

Pleural effusion, pulmonary emphysema and other diseases. All this will be detected for a pulmonary clinic outpatient. Prague is the place to welcome you.

Whether you have problems, doubts, or want to think about prevention, call or email us. We will arrange a meeting, at a time that will suit you fully. Our ordination hours end at 6:00 pm.

Take advantage of pneumology services. Prague, specifically our clinic, that will provide top-notch access, as well as advanced examinations such as spirometry.

Not only the experience, practice and knowledge of our doctors is a guarantee of the best care. We also use modern diagnostic methods to quickly and accurately detect any problem. Order at our pulmonary department as well.

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