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Looking for a rehabilitation centre? Try our rehabilitation in Prague 7

Any accident is not pleasant. Not only does it remove you from everyday life. There is also pain and often a long healing time. Our rehabilitation institute is the place where we can help you significantly reduce healing time. We recommend visiting the rehabilitation centre to you as well. Just make an appointment by phone, e-mail, or also in person. Our rehabilitation Prague 7 is here for you too.

Rehabilitation clinic with a wide range of procedures

We offer short appointment time for exact hour without waiting. The following is a matter of course:

  • first-class services,
  • top rehabilitation aids,
  • as well as modern methods that will help you recover as soon as possible.

Our rehabilitation in Prague offers top services

Rehabilitation care is always individual, considering the type of particular injury to be treated. Our rehabilitation clinic has experienced staff who choose a combination of methods that will be right for the patient, both with regard to the type of injury and with regard to achieving the best results.

We are experts in specialized rehabilitation and physiotherapeutic techniques:

  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to prof. Kolář
  • Soft and mobilization techniques of the spine and peripheral joints according to Dr. Lewit
  • Methods and exercises according to Mojžíšová
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation according to Dr. Kabátová
  • Mechanical diagnosis and therapy (McKenzi)
  • Soft tissue and manipulation technique
  • Bobath concept
  • Pelvic floor and coccyx syndrome therapy
  • Reflexology of foot soles
  • Concept of diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders (theraband) – prf. Kolář, Dr. Smíšek
  • Activation of a deep stabilization system (roller)
  • Senzomotoric stimulation and exercise on ball
  • Klapp crawling
  • Massage balls
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Elastic therapeutic tape
  • Cupping
  • And more…
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What our patients appreciate the most
Silvia Žiaková

We have a family membership in Atoda. We have the most experience with pediatrics, specifically Dr. Draxlová. We are very satisfied with the attitude, expertise and empathy of the doctor and nurse. Thank you

Daniel Bobek

Dr. Pavel Beno is an incredible professional, the others are also, although you pay, but it is worth it. You start to feel like a VIP when you arrive, it's about health, I will never let myself be treated elsewhere again. I'm looking forward to the check-up, Mr. ex-primary is a capacity,I recommend it to everyone and honestly,I've experienced a lot of hospitals where they treat you as if you're bothering them.

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