Clinical Speech Therapy Prague: we are here even for the little ones

To our clients, we offer comprehensive care in the field of clinical speech therapy. Private clinic ATODA Medical is here even for the youngest ones. We specialize not only on Czech speaking children, but also on bilingual children for whoom language interferences are typical, thus the intertwining of linguistic phenomena. Durring bilingual upbringing is this phenomenom characteristic and often mere speech therapy exercises for children will help.

If your child does not speak on time and properly, it is important to start with speach therapy as soon as possible. Below, you can find out, when is the right time to visit a speech therapist and consult any speech disorders with him.

What will the clinics speech therapist (Prague) work on with your child

Are developmental defects or disorders, followed by speech therapy for children. which can be sorted into a few categories by age: before the 2nd year of life, at the age of 3 and 4, between the ages of 4 and 5, and after the 5th year of life.

If your child is less than 2 years of age and has an eating disorder, problems with chewing or swallowing, it would be appropriate to set a consultation with a child speech therapist.

At the age of 3 your child should be able to make two-word connections. If you are unable to understand your child, his or her word slutter, he or she does not have a sufficient vocabulary, that may be the case of delayed speech development or developmental dysphasia. Even for these children there are speech therapy exercises, which can remove any disorders and teach your child to pronounce correctly the letters K,H,G,CH, that is if the speach therapy is started in time.

Between the 4 - 5th year, you should be aware, if your child does not pronounce some letters and words correctly or if he or she is using improper word order. This is particularly the case with interdental voice formation, otherwise knows as ratcheting. If your child "steps on its tongue", or if he or she has a problem with articulation and with softening some letters or words (most problematic usually are letters L,R,Č,Š,Ž,Ď,Ť,Ň,Bě,Pě) you should seek professional help to fix these problems.

After the 5th year, idealy your child should not have any problems with ratcheting or softening the letters Ť and Ď or the hissing letters Č, Š, Ž and C, S, Z.

Speech therapy for children, that will help them handle and master the pronunciation of all sounds

If you are not sure whether your child needs to visit clinical speech therapy, there isn´t anything more simple than to schedule a visit with our specialist.

Profesional care in the form of speech therapy is in place especially at the moment, when your child is having any trouble with pronuncing any sounds or letters. We will help with dyslexia (pronunciaton defect), delayed speech development, developmental dysphasia, stuttering and other speech dificulties, like cleft defects or mutism.

Unfortunately parents and teachers often can not assess speech defects correctly and many times the speech therapy and excercise are started unnecessarily late.

Childrens speech therapy Prague, is accepting new clients

We believe, that speech therapy with a smile at ATODA Medical Prague 7 will help your children. In ATODA Medical we accept new clients and give them above-standard care. Speech therapist will fully dedicate his time to you and your child in the classical form, online consultation not always solve all your needs and do not always apply the specific type of care your child needs.

The sesions are designed in a way that your children do not suffer through them, but are more in a fun and playful matter and form.

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