Tetanus vaccination

Thanks to the vaccination, humanity has managed to eradicate many malicious diseases. Vaccination against tetanus is one example. It can eliminate the incidence of the disease, which is mainly associated with open wounds.

Tetanus vaccinations should be done regularly

From the age of eighteen it is necessary to think about the regularity of vaccination. Doctors have no obligation to keep their patients vaccinated. Do you know when you were last vaccinated? Perhaps right now is the right time.

Vaccination against tetanus in adults is recommended at regular intervals

The optimal time when tetanus vaccination is recommended in adults is between 10 and 15 years apart. If this time has passed since you were last vaccinated, do not hesitate to come and arrange for it.

Vaccination against tetanus in children is a must

Take a look at your child's vaccination card. Remember that children have an obligation to be vaccinated. Do not underestimate the need for vaccinations in your children and provide them with both their first vaccinations and the needed for further booster vaccination.

By skipping vaccinations, you are more susceptible

The vaccine can only work for a specific time period. You may experience a disease associated with spasms or loss of coordination, if you are not vaccinated within the required intervals of 10 to 15 years. Do not wait till you reach this stage and let yourself be vaccinated.

In addition to the possibility of getting vaccinated at our clinic, we also offer company wide vaccinations. For more people, we'll send a doctor and nurse directly to the business address where her staff will be vaccinated. All on the basis of the order and then the payment of the employer.

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