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Vaccination against cervical cancer

The development of cervical cancer is often impacted by various infections, which are often transmitted through sexual intercourse. By creating antibodies, high protection can be achieved against a wide range of dangerous papillomaviruses.

Vaccination against cervical cancer is highly effective

This is a voluntary vaccination that has very high effiency. Therefore, the body gains protection that accounts for up to 90 percent of cases of cervical cancer. The response of the body to the vaccine is not significant, just as there is no need to worry about side effects either. Further details will be provided to you by your doctor, if you demand them.

Many women have already suffered from cervical cancer. Vaccination against it can help

Various vaccines can be used, including Gardasil 9, Silgard, or Cervarix. Vaccination against cervical cancer is not covered by health insurance, and the price depends on the vaccine used.

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What our patients appreciate the most
Sabina Günther

I go to Dr. Podstolska with my one-year-old daughter. I am very satisfied with her individual approach, willingness to solve even seemingly small things. Of course, she is professional and friendly at the same time. I'm also glad for the pleasant office with a play rug, heating over the changing table, the possibility to drive a stroller up to the office. The care of the nurses and their assistance during appointments is absolutely above and beyond. I also appreciate the texting system that reminds me of my check-up/exam appointment in a timely manner.

Antoine Borg

I highly recommend ATODA as a medical clinic - the staff are friendly, courteous and highly efficient. It's great to be able to rely on a group of professionals when you need them the most.

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