Vaccination against hepatitis

Every year, hundreds of diagnoses confirm the presence of this disease. Vaccination against hepatitis will ensure that your body will be immune to the disease, and you will not be at risk of the disease.

The price varies depending on the type of vaccine

Compared to how many problems the vaccine can save, the price is really affordable. Do not underestimate it and be vaccinated. How much you specifically pay depends on the particular type of vaccine to be chosen.

What choice to choose? There are several types of hepatitis

You need to know what you should choose to vaccinate. Hepatitis has several types, the most well-known are the A and B types. But there are others that are not to be underestimated. Consulting our doctor will help you choose the right one.

The most commonly used vaccination is against hepatitis A and hepatitis B

When you choose a hepatitis A vaccine, you are vaccinated against the so-called dirty hands disease that is caused by viral agents. Type B hepatitis is also a virus that primarily attacks the liver and is known for its high resistance, which is associated with its risk factor.

The most well-known vaccine is Twinrix

There are several vaccines against hepatitis. When you get vaccinated, a product called Twinrix is ​​a proven choice. But alternatives such as Engerix or Havrix can also be selected.

Do not underestimate the vaccination against hepatitis in children

Vaccinating children is optional. Nevertheless, we recommend not to underestimate it. If you vaccinate, you can be sure that you will protect your children from the illness, which is nowadays referred to as one of the most risky.

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