Do you need to have your birthmarks removed? Prague, where our clinic is located, is at your service

Surgical removal of a birthmark or freckles is a frequently demanded procedure—both for aesthetic reasons and for the elimination of possible future risks. What should you do if you need to have your birthmarks removed? Prague 7 is the place where you can visit us. Here you will find our clinic. We recommend you to make an appointment in advance either by phone or e-mail. After the examination the doctor will schedule the birthmark removal.

We also offer removal of subcutaneous fat cells or removal of lipoma

Birthmarks and freckles are not the only problem. You can make an appointment with us even when you need to have subcutaneous fat cells or lipoma removed. Lipomas may be of different sizes and lipoma surgery is in the majority of cases performed by cutting the lipoma out. However, the doctor will tell you exactly whether there is another option of lipoma treatment.

There are many places where they can appear. Atheom removal may be performed in the area of hands. However, the appearance of skin appendages on feet is nothing exceptional either. a subcutaneous bump may appear also on the head. These are all clear reasons why to make an appointment with us—both for the initial examination and to find out what the subsequent options of removal are.

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