Prevention, diagnosis, as well as therapy of heart disease. These are all the major areas of the field known as cardiology. Our private cardiology Prague is considered to be one of the top centers, if you are looking for a solution to the problems with your heart.

Cardiologist at our clinic Prague 7 will offer a range of services

Our cardiology focuses on many areas related to the services provided. The cardiologist will offer you a diagnosis as well as therapy associated with a heart defect, which can be a lot in our times. Thanks to the right treatment, our cardiology clinic can eliminate any future problems.

Cardiology reveals many complications

There are a number of heart problems that can detect our top cardiology examinations. Known and important today include ischemic diseases, heart failure or heart rhythm disorders.

Our Cardiology Prague 7 cooperates with a range of disciplines

We also regularly collaborate with a range of other disciplines from which the necessary knowledge is gained. These are, for example, cardiac surgery and angiology, as well as preventive cardiology. This makes it possible to better detect and diagnose heart problems. If you are also interested in a top-notch solution, do not hesitate to order a phone call for a comprehensive examination.

MUDr. Vladimíra Skalníková


Cardiology is a field dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the heart, circulatory and vascular system. The area includes the diagnosis and treatment of heart defects, coronary artery diseases, heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, and other heart diseases. Cardiology is closely linked to the expertise of cardiac surgery and angiology (vascular disease). Our physician is a certified cardiologist and angiologist.

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