Endocrinology Prague 7


Endocrinology is a medical discipline that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal disorders. These can greatly influence the activities and the events in the human organism.

Take advantage of the best endocrinology services. Prague 7 is a place where it is available.

ATODA Medical is based on top-notch care and services. In order for both to be preserved, we will arrange for you to have an external endocrinologist set for the day and hour that will suit you. Therefore, the place of examination will not be our clinic in Prague 7, but a collaborative external facility, where we guarantee the same quality of care as in our clinic.

The endocrinologist will examine and state a diagnosis if you have any problems

The field is very extensive and is related to the endocrine glands and hormone production. An experienced endocrinologist will both, diagnose potential problems and suggest the right treatment, should the need to do so arise.

The endocrinological examination will be performed by a skilled professional

Hormonal disorders can affect different organs. Examinations can diagnose where the problem is. These may be adrenal, genital or thyroid glands, pancreas, and many others.

MUDr. Emília Malicherová


Chief physician in the area of diabetology and endocrinology with attestation in the field of Internal medicine and in the field of Endocrinology and diabetology. After getting her Master’s degree at 2. Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague in 2007, she has begun to work in Motol University Hospital, where she remains partially employed to this day. Since 2011 she mostly focuses on ambulant care in diabetology and endocrinology. She also acts as a chief examiner in numerous clinical studies around the world.


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