We perform epicystostomy in cases of urinary incontinence disorders

At ATODA Medical a team of excellent specialists and capacities in their field also perform epicystostomy.

When epicystostomy is being done a catheter is inserted into the bladder. The catheter is inserted temporarily or permanently by injection through the abdominal wall. Due to epicystostomy, the urinary tract becomes passable.

Before the procedure, the doctor shaves the patient's pubic hair on the lower abdomen and numbs the given area with the help of local anesthesia. During the procedure, the patient must lay on his back, the injection is made perpendicular to the lower abdomen and a catheter is inserted through the needle into the bladder. The needle is removed, the catheter is fixed and the end of the tube is connected to the collection bag.


Replacement and removal of epicystostomy under medical supervision

At the moment, when epicystostomy becomes a permanent solution, regular replacement is necessary, therefore… removal of the catheter and its reintroduction.

In a pleasant home environment at the private ATODA Medical clinic in Prague 7, doctors have enough time to dedicate it to the patients and explain everything about epicystostomy to them. Some of the advantages are: having complex medical care under one roof, very short waiting times or booking for exact time. In addition to Czech clients, at ATODA Medical we also welcome foreign patients.

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