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Gynecological sonography (uterus and ovaries)

What will it detect

Uterus and ovaries ultrasound is a commn part of a gynecological examination. It significantly helps doctors to diagnose all women’s diseases. Sonographic examination will show every abnormal finds. Ultrasound in gynekology also reveal uterine fibroids, tumors, cysts on the ovaries and fallopian tubes, inflammation of the internal genital organs or pregnancy.

If you have any problems with your uterus or ovaries, do not hesitate to contact us. If you think that there are not in order have or suspect that you have any gynecological diseases, it is good to start taking care of these problems as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary health complications. Prevention is as important as eventual treatment.


What is the course of gynecological sonography

In case of an ultrasound examination (ultrasonography or echocardiography that doctors use) ultrasound waves pass through you body, which bounce back from your uterus and ovaries, eventually also from transitions between tissues with different acoustic impedances.

The doctor will inform you, how to correctly lay down on the medical bed. As part of the examination, the doctor uses a special gel, which guarantees a safe contact of a probe with your body and using ultrasound takes the necessary images. You do not have to worry, ultrasonography is completely painless and doesn’t stress your body with x-rays. Everything is absolutely safe.

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Peter Janec

I've already used services of more specialists in Atoda Medical and every time I was satisfied with high quality service and very pleasant approach. All the same I can say about the nurses and receptionists who were always willing and quick to respond to any of my requests.

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ATODA Medical is for me an island of care in servicing my body. Human approach, comfort and flexibility are the reasons why when my body needs something, I go here.

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