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Gynecology is a medical field dealing with the prevention and treatment of illnesses of female genital organs. It is associated with obstetrics, which also belongs to the field of female medicine. We offer:

We carry out examinations including the optimal solution for gynecological operations. In cooperation with our specialists, we provide extra services related to mammological (breast) consulting, diagnostics and treatment of incontinence (unwanted urine leakage), aesthetic medicine and rehabilitation.

Take full advantage of our gynecology. Prague is the right location.

At ATODA Medical, we pride ourselves on top-quality care and services. In order to maintain both, you will be examined right here at your earliest convenience.

Both classical and paediatric gynaecology. Prague is a place to find it.

By providing the best gynecological care, we can offer services to women and girls and even babies, even if it is their first visit. The gynecologist is ready to offer top care with respect to the patient's age.

Take full advantage of gynecology services. Prague 7 is the place to make an appointment with your doctor.

We can arrange an appointment with you in person, by phone or via e-mail. Call our clinic no matter what the reason is, whether it is a preventive examination only or if you have any problems (inflammation and other health complications).

We provide obstetric care in direct connection with the maternity department in the Obstetrics Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague Podolí or at Nymburk hospital. Prenatal care includes consultations throughout pregnancy, including all ultrasound examinations, risky pregnancy solutions, personal assistance of a surgeon with the birth and post-natal care. A midwife could also be at your disposal.

We offer our clients a special “Care program for mother and child.'' Included in this program is, for sudden cases, a possibility of 24 hour consultation with our gynecologist nurse, or if necessary, a doctor. We also offer the presence of our doctor or midwive during labour.

The best gynecologist. Prague has several of them.

We know which doctors are among the best in Prague. We will arrange an appointment with them in case you need a demanding examination, be it a part of preventive care or if you encounter health problems.

The gynecological examination is followed by a consultation with the doctor.

If our physician discovers a problem, a consultation with suggestions for a possible solution follows. Either a medical treatment or an operation comes next, and operations are now a lot less risky than in the past. An example is laparoscopy in gynecology.

A gynecological examination is provided for a date that suits you best.

An appointment will be made for you for an exact day and time.

Benefits of private gynecological gynecology:

  • All examinations including laboratory tests in a single facility
  • Test results available in a very short time 
  • Comfortable and private environment
  • Professional staff who value your time
  • Complex pregnancy care in ATODA Medical until the 36th week 
  • Midwife (CZ) 
  • Doula (CZ, ENG, IT)
  • Cooperation with maternity departments in Neratovice and Nymburk, where the individual approach is provided to each future mother. 
  • Pregnancy massages are available 

MUDr. Marcela Lincová

After graduation in 2011, I joined the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the Bulovka University Hospital. In 2016 I passed the attestation exam in gynaecology and obstetrics and in 2019 the subspecialty exam in urogynaecology. Before I went on maternity leave, I was the head of the intensive care unit at GPK Na Bulovce. Since 2015, I have been a teaching assistant at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University. I have experience in outpatient practice from the Mazurská polyclinic and also from the urogynambulance Slezská.


MUDr. Martin Hrehorčák


I have obtained my medical degree in 1997 at 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague. I have continued my training in Obstetrics and Gyneacology at University Hospital Motol, Charles University, Prague where I was working over 12 years. I was trained in the field of infertility, feto-maternal medicine, paediatric gynaecology and advanced ultrasound. I have compleded The Subfertility and Reproductive Endocrinology Course and The Assisted Conception Course as organized by the RCOG and the British Fertility Society. I was also trained in Sharei Zedek Hospital Jerusalem and at IVF unit at Chaim Sheba University Hospital, Ramat Gan, Israel with particular interest in fertility preservation in cancer and serious illness patients.  I was working as a head of reproductive medicine services at 2nd Medical Faculty at Charles University, Prague, which is the largest Univerisity Hospital in the country. I founded the joint group for the fertility services for HIV serodiscordant couples in Czech republic. In UK I worked at Centre of Reproduction and Advanced Technoloy (Create) in London, where I was appointed as a lead clinician. Then I was employed as lead clinician at City Fertility in London.
I have conducted and participated in the research programmes in the filed of fetomaternal medicine, reproductive medicine and oncogyneacology, particulary in the filed of ferility sparing procedures in early stages of gyneacological cancer. I have participated in many congreses worldwide and was invited speaker at European school of oncology. I was appointed a trainer for transvaginal ultrasound by British Fertility Society (BFS) and I appear on specialist register of General Medical Counsil (GMC).


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