Urogynecology Prague: From incontinence to pelvic floor organ prolapse

Urogynecological examination can detect and solve problems that might otherwise bother you for the rest of your life. Among these problems are included:

  • incontinence (urine leakage) and urinary retention
  • pelvic floor organ prolapse
  • other pelvic floor disorders

ATODA Medical provides complete care, pursues diagnostics, deals with incontinence problems and recurring urinary tract infections, pelvic organ descents and other problems associated with urogynecology specialization. ATODA Medical also deals with aesthetic gynecology and the elimination of the consequences after giving birth.

Emergency state facilities are often overcrowded but at ATODA Medical you can always book an appointment for exact time (without wait) and with very bief waiting times. After an agreement, you can even get an appointment in the evening hours.


Urogynecological examination upon which we state a diagnosis and explain the treatment

We offer conservative and inovative methods for patients who are bothered by minor and or frequent urinary incontinence, which afflicts more than 10% of women and can have a negative effect on the quality of their life. We resolve pelvic organ prolapses as well as other problems (including urine leakage) in accordance with the extent of difficulties.

In some cases rehabilitation or pharmacotherapy is enough, in others the approach to surgery is needed.

The ATODA Medical Urogynecology and outpatient clinic provides its patients with complex quality care in a quiet environment, where their diagnosis is explained to them as well as  the way in which their health problems need to be resolved.

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