Physiotherapy Prague (physiotherapist)

A subdiscipline that is part of rehabilitation. However, it primarily focuses on diagnostics as well as on treatment, but also, for example, on prevention of disorders related to the locomotor system. Our physiotherapists are experienced experts who can help you.

Our physiotherapy Prague can do much more

We can diagnose the problem, suggest treatment, as well as offer individual counseling in relation to serious problems. All of this with respect to modern trends, best practices and innovative methods. This is all our physiotherapy Prague offers.

The physiotherapist will offer an individual approach

It does matter what your needs and requirements are. Our physiotherapist at the Prague Clinic will always offer an individual approach to modern trends and procedures. Both in solving common problems and when looking for help in the sport you want to perform without limitations and problems.

Physiotherapy Prague is designed for adults and children

Our wider focus is the certainty that you can order yourself as adult patients, as well as children's physiotherapy, which is an integral part of the discipline in our clinic, where we welcome even the smallest children. Physiotherapy Prague 7 is open every weekday according to our office hours. Our physiotherapy clinic will allow for telephone and e-mail ordering for a specific date.

Filip Strakoš


Education: Physiotherapy UK FTVS, Prague. Physical education and sport UK FTVS, Prague.

Sport sand reconditioning massage therapist, Dorn method plus and Breuss massage, Nutrition and nutritional counseling, therapeutic use of tempex tape , therapeutic use of TheraBand. ComplexCore+ LEVEL 1, Trigger points.


Jana Ellen Macháliková

Massage therapist

I became a massage therapist in 2012, when I finished the first Accredited course of massage therapist for sports and reconditioning massages. Since 2013, I have been studying traditional Chinese medicine at the TCM Institute in Prague and courses focused on compensatory exercises.

Cupping, Chinese back massage, five-element ritual, lymphatic massage, rehabilitation and regeneration of the spine, sports and reconditioning massages.


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